瞭解 Zendesk 如何利用 Cloudflare 為超過 125,000 個客戶網站增加效能與安全性。

Video Transcript

Zendesk is one of the world’s premier customer service companies, providing its software suite to over 125,000 businesses around the globe.

Jason: My name is Jason Smale, I’m the Vice President of Engineering at Zendesk.

Andrei: My Name is Andrei Balcanasu, I’m a technical lead in the foundation edge team at Zendesk.

Zendesk 是個客戶支援平台,為公司構建精美簡單的軟體,使他們與其自己的客戶能有更好的關係。

Jason: We have over 125,000 businesses around the world all using Zendesk. And then within those businesses, there are hundreds of people whose day job is to sit in front of Zendesk and use Zendesk.

For Zendesk, security is paramount. And when it came to safeguarding its network, Zendesk turned to Cloudflare.

Andrei: Web security is very important to our business. Our customers trust us with their information, and their customers’ information. So we need to make sure that their information is safe, secure.

Jason: The initial need for Cloudflare came back a couple of years ago, when we suddenly started to see a lot of attacks coming towards us, and all of a sudden we’d get thousands of requests, hundreds of thousands, millions of requests — coming at us from all over the place. So we needed a way to be able to control what came into our infrastructure. And Cloudflare were the only ones that could meet our requirements.

Cloudflare 的 DDoS 防護的發展和演變真的讓我們印象深刻,這絕對是我們使用過的最好的 DDoS 防護。 我認為 Cloudflare 能為您帶來的遠不止這些,您不需要去挑選和分層堆放所有這些不同的提供者,因為它只有一個 – 這些都是他們擅長的事情。 很簡單。 不需要動腦筋。

By tapping into Cloudflare’s unique integrated security protection and performance acceleration, Zendesk has been able to leverage Cloudflare’s global platform to enhance its experience for all of its customers.

Jason: Cloudflare is providing an incredible service to the world right now. Because there’re no other competitors who are close.

Andrei: Cloudflare is our outer edge. It makes our application faster, more reliable, and allows us to respond with confidence to traffic spikes and make our customers happier.

Zendesk 就是要打造最佳客戶體驗,而 Cloudflare 幫我們實現了這一點。

透過像 Zendesk 這樣的客戶,以及超過 2500 萬將其安全與效能託付給 Cloudflare 的其他網際網路資產,我們正在為每個人打造一個快速、安全且可靠的網際網路。

Cloudflare — Helping Build a Better Internet.

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Cloudflare 正在為全世界提供優質的服務。 因為沒有其他競爭對手能夠與之匹敵。

Jason Smale
Zendesk 工程副總裁