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Enterprise-grade authoritative DNS with the fastest response time

Cloudflare DNS delivers secure and resilient DNS service with the fastest response time (11ms on average), unparalleled redundancy (locations in over 320 cities), and advanced security.

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Industry-leading performance

Our authoritative DNS is the fastest in the world, offering DNS lookup speeds of 11ms on average and ensuring websites load as fast as possible.

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Unmatched reliability

Our global network offers optimal redundancy, with DNS resolution available at each of our data centers across over 320 cities.

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Stop DNS-based attacks

Cloudflare offers built-in DDoS protection and one-click DNSSEC to ensure your applications are always safeguarded from DNS attacks.

DNS made easy

All your domains can be managed through our user-friendly interface or via an API, without regard to where you host your Internet properties.


Our global network ensures DNS resolves quickly

The Cloudflare global network interconnects with over 13,000 networks, ensuring users anywhere in the world can quickly load your websites and applications.

Cloudflare DNS also comes with built-in security, mitigating DDoS attacks that can degrade response times and authenticating DNS responses with DNSSEC to ensure users are not misdirected to malicious websites.

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Cloudflare named a Leader and Fast Mover in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for DNS Security

Cloudflare has been recognized as a Leader and Fast Mover in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for DNS Security report.

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What our customers are saying

"Cloudflare has an incredibly large network and infrastructure to stop really large attacks on the DNS system. We just get clean requests and never have to deal with malicious traffic or attacks on the DNS infrastructure."

Engineer — Digital Ocean

Top DNS use cases

Cloudflare DNS keeps your DNS secure and reliable, with simple-to-use advanced options for managing and securing your domains

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Unlimited and unmetered DDoS mitigation

Stop attacks on your DNS by relying on our network, which has capacity 23x higher than the largest attacks ever recorded.

Prevent email phishing

Easily configure email security DNS records to stop phishers from sending emails from your domain.

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Advanced DNS analytics

Get in-depth, real-time analytics for the health of your DNS traffic, accessible from the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Helping organizations worldwide optimize and secure their applications

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