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Project Galileo

DDoS Attack Protection for At-Risk Public Interest Websites

Project Galileo

The Internet is a powerful tool for spreading and expanding ideas. However, websites can be knocked offline easily through a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack—censoring important voices. Public interest websites that cover political or artistic content are often the target of these attacks. At Cloudflare, our mission is to build a better Internet. As part of that mission, we strongly believe that bullies should not be able to knock sites offline simply because they disagree with their content.

Cloudflare is partnering with NGOs and civil society groups to identify outlets for free-expression online. Once identified, Cloudflare will extend our Enterprise-class DDoS protection to ensure these websites stay online, protecting their voice from being silenced.

Introducing Project Galileo

Cloudflare created Project Galileo to protect politically and artistically important organizations and journalists against attacks that would otherwise censor their work. As part of the project, Cloudflare provide its state-of-the-art DDoS mitigation technology—for free—to any qualified vulnerable public interest website.

Cloudflare aims to keep ideas moving. If a website participating in Project Galileo comes under attack, Cloudflare will extend full protection to ensure the site stays online—no matter its location, no matter its content.

Our Partners

Cloudflare is partnering with respected free speech, public interest, and civil society organizations to help us to identify websites that qualify for participation in Project Galileo.

Our current Project Galileo referring partners:

Who Can Participate?

Any qualified vulnerable public interest web property can participate in Project Galileo. Examples of Project Galileo participants include minority rights organizations, LGBT rights organizations in Africa and the Middle East, global citizen journalist sites, and independent media outlets in the developing world.

In order to participate in the Project, a website must meet the following criteria:

  • It is engaged in news gathering, civil society, or political/artistic speech.
  • It is the subject of online attacks related to its news gathering, civil society, or political/artistic speech.
  • It is a not-for-profit organization or a small commercial entity.
  • It acts in the public interest, broadly defined.

In an effort to keep participants safe from potential backlash, Cloudflare will not publicly announce sites involved in Project Galileo.

Important Facts

  • There is no cost to participate in Project Galileo — it’s free.
  • Cloudflare will not publicly announce involvement in Project Galileo without permission.
  • Becoming part of Project Galileo is quick. On average, participants are up and running within a couple of hours; however, set up time ranges from 15 minutes to a couple of days.
  • Cloudflare does not cap its DDoS mitigation service. Cloudflare has experience defending against some of the largest DDoS attacks on record. We will keep your website online.

More FAQs can be found here.

How To Sign Up

If you are a vulnerable public interest website that wants to participate in Project Galileo, please contact one of our partner organizations and ask them to sponsor you (listed above).

If you are not part of any of our partner organizations or you are an organization that wants to become a Project Galileo Partner, please contact us here:

"Project Galileo is a breakthrough. It shows how Silicon Valley tech companies can actively create a more secure and safe Internet for the world's most vulnerable Internet users."
— Brett Solomon, Access

"Cloudflare has shown remarkable leadership in its commitment to digital human rights, and Project Galileo is a bold step in ensuring that important and often controversial content online cannot be silenced by blunt, brute-force denial-of-service attacks,"
— Joseph Hall, The Center for Democracy & Technology

" While the Internet should be a tool that provides global access to information, we’re seeing government pressures and attacks result in censorship across the web. Project Galileo is helping to level the Internet’s playing field again."
— Trevor Timm, Freedom of the Press Foundation

"Over the years we have received numerous denial of service attacks, mostly during election time blocking people from accessing our radio show. With Project Galileo we finally have a service that has our back and is ready to protect us when we are attacked again."
— Radio Free Sarawak