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Today’s enterprises face a crisis of complexity. They need to securely connect local and remote workers, on-prem and cloud apps, and far flung networks everywhere. Maintaining visibility and control has never been more difficult. Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud helps you regain control, improve visibility and security, and consolidate vendors to reduce costs.

How does a connectivity cloud work?

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Integration with all networks

Get a direct line to the Internet and every other app, cloud, and ISP, giving you secure, low-latency, infinitely scalable networking. Connect remote users, on-prem apps, multiple clouds and all your customers and vendors easily and securely.

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Built-in intelligence

A connectivity cloud has a wide range of services built in at a foundational level, and analyzes extremely high volumes and varieties of traffic in order to automatically update intelligence. This helps you easily adapt to new threats and traffic patterns.

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Unified, simplified interface

See and manage much of your IT environment from one interface, greatly reducing tool sprawl and dashboard overload.

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Connectivity cloud explained: Executive guide

Read about the challenges and risks of an everywhere world and a new approach to solving modern IT, security, and development challenges with a Connectivity Cloud.

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Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud protects 900+ GPC websites, giving them complete visibility into threats across their entire digital footprint.

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Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud powers Polestar’s global ecommerce and development operations, giving them resilience during launches and promotions.

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Sage leverages Cloudflare to improve application performance and security, enhance product development, secure user data, and streamline their digital footprint.

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