Security and performance for web applications

Application services to secure and accelerate
web applications and APIs

Stop bad bots, protect applications and APIs from abuse, and thwart DDoS attacks, all powered by built-in threat intelligence gathered from the Cloudflare connectivity cloud, which blocks an average of 209 billion threats per day.

Increase web application performance with infinitely scalable connectivity across over 320 global cities.


Superior security and connectivity, all over the world

Connected with all networks, enterprises, and clouds

Cloudflare's application services protect millions of web properties and serve tens of millions of HTTP requests per second on average. We seamlessly connect your apps and APIs hosted in public, private and hybrid clouds, and hosted on-premises.

Built-in application services platform intelligence

Cloudflare leverages data from various application and network sources to secure and accelerate web apps and APIs. Security, performance, compliance, and privacy functions are built in without disrupting connectivity.

Unified and simplified Interface

Simplify security and accelerate performance of your web apps hosted anywhere with Cloudflare's connectivity cloud. Consolidate with our easy to use and integrated console, deep, request-level analytics, and machine learning assisted policy

Analyst Recognition
Cloudflare named 'Leader' in multiple Web Application and API Protect analyst reports
Cloudflare named a "Leader" in CDN services

How Cloudflare protects and accelerates web applications

Global connectivity
Superior performance
Threat intelligence

With our connectivity cloud, content is always a blink away for incredible experiences on any device, anywhere:

  • By integrating with networks around the world, Cloudflare helps customers deliver content and services to their users more efficiently than ever.

  • Organizations can build natively from the ground up with a composable and programmable architecture. Every application service runs from every data center.

  • Cloudflare operates within 50 milliseconds of 95% of the Internet-connected population, always serving content from the nearest location.

2024 API Security and Management Report

Fashion retailer Pacsun uses Cloudflare to prevent
website outages and deter bots

Pacsun’s successes with a viral drop marketing strategy left the company with a serious dilemma. Their online sales events were as irresistible to automated bots and online profiteers as they were to genuine customers. Frequent attacks on their website and inventory during their drops left IT and security teams struggling to keep the site online.

Pacsun migrated to Cloudflare, moving more than 95% of their traffic to the Cloudflare global network, switching on the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF), secure DNS, and DDoS protection. From day one, they saw immediate benefits, accelerating their web properties, remaining online, and blocking bots like never before.

"Switching to Cloudflare, our system was 27% faster overnight. It improved our performance right off the bat — cache rates jumped immediately and things just started flowing... Cloudflare have been absolute champions at preventing potential problems, increasing our efficiency, and making our journey over the last year highly successful on every front."

Learn how Ted Baker leverages Cloudflare to create a first-class customer experience

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