Cloudflare for Public Sector

Integrated security, performance, and reliability

Cloudflare offers governments and educational institutions a global, highly resilient cloud network with built-in security, performance and capabilities. Accelerate digital transformation efforts, protect high-visibility websites and sensitive data, and earn confidence and trust from citizens, students, and other important users.

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Project Fair Shot helps protect vaccine registration sites from crashing


Project Fair Shot provides Cloudflare's new Waiting Room service for free for any government, municipality, hospital, pharmacy, or other organization responsible for distributing COVID-19 vaccines. It is open to eligible organizations around the world and will remain free until at least July 1, 2021 or longer if there is still more demand for appointments for the vaccine than there is supply.

You can apply by visiting:

Why do public sector organizations choose Cloudflare?

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Provide a superior online experience

Citizens, students, and other public sector end-users want online experiences they can trust. Cloudflare’s comprehensive security services defends against a wide range of web application vulnerabilities.

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Mitigate DDoS attacks

Public sector websites and networks can be attacked for a variety of reasons. Cloudflare’s network can handle the largest-ever attacks many times over, and mitigates close to the attack source for faster response times.

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Improve agility and lower operational costs

Replacing legacy infrastructure with cloud-based services accelerates time to market and frees budget to be used for innovation. Cloudflare One provides a single pane of glass for managing multiple security and networking services from Cloudflare.

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Secure remote workforce

Provide secure access to internal applications for any user — regardless of device or location — with seamless authentication at the network edge.

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Protect employees’ Internet browsing

Keep users and data safe from threats on the Internet. Backhauling user traffic through centralized firewalls is slow. Cloudflare provides a secure web gateway that brings comprehensive security anywhere your users are.

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Protect network infrastructure

Stop attacks on on-premise infrastructure and hybrid cloud deployments, giving them consistent uptime and fast performance.

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Customer Case Study

"Cloudflare helped me solve the technical problem, implement a solution on a Friday night before a long weekend, and said we could worry about the money next week. As someone who was at maximum frustration that was music to my ears."
"In this year’s historic Senate Special election, it was crucial that our website be able to handle spikes in traffic and remain online in the event of attack. It is very important to our state government and democracy as a whole that voters and the public be able to access registrar, election information, and election results. Cloudflare proved to be an excellent partner, helping us achieve this goal."
Jim Purcell
Acting Secretary of Information Technology, State of Alabama


Customer case studies

See how other public sector organizations use Cloudflare.

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Product demos

Learn more about Cloudflare’s products and features, including the Cloudflare WAF, Cloudflare for Teams, and Cloudflare Bot Management via our product demo videos.

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