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Cloudflare Bot Management

Stop bad bots without CAPTCHAs

Manage good and bad bots in real-time with speed and accuracy by harnessing data from the millions of Internet properties on Cloudflare.

Stop bot attacks

Cloudflare blocks credential stuffing, content scraping, inventory hoarding, DDoS, and other malicious bot activity.

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Multiple detection methods

Cloudflare Bot Management uses machine learning, behavioral analysis, and fingerprinting to accurately classify bots.


Cloudflare has developed innovative ways to challenge bots without frustrating real users with CAPTCHAs.

Simple deployment

No complex configuration or maintenance: Cloudflare Bot Management automatically recommends rules to manage bots out-of-the-box.


Automatically stop bad bots without interrupting legitimate users

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Cloudflare analyzes behavior and detects anomalies in network traffic based on how requests deviate from the baseline.

Cloudflare's machine learning trains on a curated subset of hundreds of billions of requests per day to create a reliable bot score for every request.

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Stop bots without degrading the experience for real users with CAPTCHAs

What our customers are saying

"The great thing about Cloudflare Bot Management solutions is I don't need to spend time fine-tuning. The machine learning algorithms just work because Cloudflare has such great data. Our lives are 1000 times easier while still ensuring our sites are both safe and fast for our customers."

Manager, Security Engineering — SoFi

Top Bot Management use cases

Cloudflare Bot Management stops bad bots while allowing good bots like search engine crawlers, with minimal latency and rich analytics and logs

Protect against malicious bots

Block bot activity that slows down application performance, scrapes data, steals sensitive content, or performs other attacks.

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Private Access Tokens

Cloudflare uses an invisible, privacy-first way for users to prove they are real using Apple devices without CAPTCHAs or PII collection.

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Custom bot management rules

Tune bot management rules to fit your specific needs by scoping them based on a variety of criteria.

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