Recap: CIO Week

Celebrating the work CIOs do to keep their organizations safe and productive

Designed to help CIOs accelerate their pursuit of digital transformation and centered around 3 ideas: a simpler roadmap to Zero Trust and SASE, access to the right technology and channel partners, and streamlining a multi-cloud strategy.

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Security Innovation

Zero Trust for Microsoft AD

Integrating proactive and automated Zero Trust enables Security to focus on threats instead of maintenance

A roadmap To Zero Trust adoption

Zero Trust adoption is complex, but getting started doesn’t have to be

DEM: Unparalleled visibility

According to Gartner, “at least 60% of I&O leaders will use Digital Experience Monitoring by 2026"

Web application security

Moving past short-term fixes for remote workforce security and building remote work infrastructure for the long-term

Threat Landscape

Attack surface grows with API proliferation

The rapid growth of APIs has led to significant security risks for the enterprise

'22 Q4 DDoS threat report

Attack duration increased across the board, volumetric attacks surged, and Ransom DDoS continued to rise

The anatomy of Vendor Email Compromise

Slow play attacks with bigger payouts are emerging as adversaries get more sophisticated

NCR on securing online banking

Ensuring customer success means combatting fraud and attacks as more transactions move online

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Future Internet

Current and future state of HTTP

Extensions to come in 2023 to keep up with modern and new applications

The roadmap to Zero Trust

Solve the challenges of traditional network architecture without disrupting employee productivity and connectivity

Optimizing app development

Next-gen serverless platforms eliminate tedious tasks and enable developer focus while offering cost savings

"Internet for All'' gains attention

All 50 states and every eligible territory have signed on to the “Internet for All'' initiative