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Our customers range from small, local blogs to international, Fortune 500 companies. Find out how some of our customers are succeeding with Cloudflare.

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Crunchbase enjoys speed and protection from Cloudflare.

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NatureBox reduces load times and protects sensitive payment information with Cloudflare.

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Underground Cellar

Underground Cellar stays online and secure with Cloudflare.

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Zenprint is a part of Gogoprint, a regional group connecting a large marketplace of consumers and high-quality print suppliers together.
Cloudflare helps COBINHOOD maintain uptime and reduce latency for its zero fee cryptocurrency trading platform with the Cloudflare CDN. and secures its servers from DDoS and injection attacks with WAF and Rate Limiting.
Cloudflare helps MyRepublic accelerate their web applications by moving content closer to the user with Cloudflare’s network of 150+ data centers. and secures their customer transactions with DNSSEC and TLS 1.3
Cloudflare accelerates MyAffiliates’ performance with its CDN and secures its servers from DDoS and injection attacks with its WAF. Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS solution helps MyAffiliates with its GDPR compliance efforts.
Carousell is a smartphone and web-based marketplace for buying and selling new and used goods.
AO is the largest online-only white goods and electricals retailer in the UK. Their company mission is rooted in always finding a better way of doing things to keep their customers happy.
Cloudflare helps Koinex maintain uptime and reduce latency for end users with the Cloudflare CDN and secures Koinex's servers from DDoS and injection attacks with its WAF and Rate Limiting.
HubSpot is the industry leader in SaaS products for inbound sales and marketing, helping businesses optimize customer acquisition and engagement.
SofaScore is particularly interested in Cloudflare’s Mobile SDK ability to provide mobile network visibility and measurement for their app.
Cloudflare accelerates SplitmediaLabs’ performance with its CDN and secures their servers from DDoS and injection attacks with its WAF, Rate Limiting and TLS
Cloudflare accelerates performance for eZanga, while protecting internal development environments with Cloudflare Access
YPO explored various WAF solutions, but thought Cloudflare offered the best solution.
Upside protects their customers and their platform with Cloudflare.
PF Changs sprints to the forefront of digital with Cloudflare powering their infrastructure.
PartsTrader replaces hardware with Cloudflare services.
CoinGecko offers the latest cryptocurrency information with Cloudflare ensuring speed and availability.
US Xpress supercharges their hiring with Cloudflare Ampersand.
Ultius leverages Cloudflare to protect and secure their freelance writing marketplace.
LeCab blocks 900,000 login page attacks in just 2 hours with Cloudflare Rate Limiting.
Dealer eProcess uses SSL for SaaS to securely deliver their customers’ sites.
Colocation America relies on Cloudflare to keep their site high-performing, safe, and online.
Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University drives pageviews with Cloudflare performance.
This US county needed a helping hand when their website was knocked offline and defaced.
Open Access College keeps their website online and secure with Cloudflare’s CDN and DDoS Mitigation.
BrainCert offers faster and more secure online training platform by leveraging Cloudflare’s Network.
Meaww’s viral content gets served lightning fast with Cloudflare.
ScoopWhoop uses Cloudflare to ease bandwidth costs while improving website performance.
Customers see Lenskart’s site clearly with the power of Cloudflare.
VicRoads keeps the roads safe and their website fast.
LogMeIn enjoys bolstered application security with fine-grained control through Cloudflare.
Karma Insurance doesn’t rely on good faith to keep their data safe and site fast.
New Easy enjoys performance, security, and savings without compromise.
AdGuard drops bandwidth costs while providing a faster service by using Cloudflare.
Touch of Modern secures sensitive customer information and improves site performance with Cloudflare.
Ivanti replaces 5 separate vendors with Cloudflare.
Villa protects their online shop from bot attacks with Cloudflare.
Cloudflare keeps Bespoke Post’s ecommerce platform fast and secure through the most extreme traffic spikes.
Scotch uses Cloudflare to make their education platform faster and more secure.
Secure, branded domains for Olo’s food ordering service customers.
CrazyGames saves on bandwidth, while offering global users faster site performance.
Daily Caller serves content quicker and more securely, while opening new channels of ad revenue with VigLink and Cloudflare.
Curse protects and enhances its gaming communities with Cloudflare.
Cloudflare protects Ireland's most trusted news source from online attacks.
The largest mobile image editing application optimizes and protects the platform with Cloudflare.
This Los Angeles based creative agency uses Cloudflare to protect customers’ websites and eCommerce stores.
El Universal uses Cloudflare to protect their front page and deliver the news as fast as possible. offers the fastest service in their sector with Cloudflare’s Argo improving performance by over 40%.
Barn2 Media uses Cloudflare to make their clients' websites faster and more secure for visitors from around the world.
GetInsured bolsters security with an easy-to-use feature-rich solution.
Hotel Urbano manages massive Black Friday traffic load with Cloudflare.
Catraca Livre uses Cloudflare to protect and enhance its media platform.
FCL uses Cloudflare to bring speed and security to its online properties like its sports site Gazeta Esportiva.
Infolinks supercharges their DNS with Cloudflare.
FoundMyself finds performance and security for its online art marketplace.
ForestNation makes the earth greener with a faster, more secure, and less expensive website.
NatureBox reduces load times and protects sensitive payment information with Cloudflare.
Crunchbase enjoys speed and protection from Cloudflare.
Underground Cellar stays online and secure with Cloudflare.
Mapbox meets massive growth in China by optimizing their API delivery with Cloudflare’s China Network.
SiteGround partners with Cloudflare to bring their customers enhanced speed and security.
Giles-Parscale, the digital agency behind, protected President Trump’s campaign site with Cloudflare.
Gyazo optimizes uploads to their screenshot sharing platforms with Cloudflare Load Balancing.
de Bijenkorf speeds up and protects their online store with Cloudflare.
Bitfinex ensures their high frequency trading platform is as fast as possible with Cloudflare Load Balancing.
Buycraft protects its customers' gCommerce shops with Cloudflare’s Rate Limiting.
Crisp uses Cloudflare’s Load Balancing to improve the global performance of their customer relationship application.
Troy Hunt uses Cloudflare to protect his website and API to help people stay safe and secure online.
2600 Solutions protects their clients’ websites with Cloudflare’s Rate Limiting.
Bidu gets 30% more leads year over year through improved speed and security from Cloudflare.
Active Solutions helps their customer, Great Rail Journeys, extend their vacation platform globally by using Cloudflare’s Load Balancing.
As Discord experiences explosive growth, they're thankful Cloudflare helps keep bandwidth & hardware costs down and web performance high.
Pasion Futbol uses Cloudflare to supercharge their website, while simultaneously reducing bandwidth costs.
Udacity leverages Cloudflare's China Network to make their online classroom lightning fast.
Happn enjoys peace of mind knowing they're safe from online attacks.
Chocolatey no longer worries about unexpected costs from its rapid growth with Cloudflare easing their bandwidth burden.
Quizlet receives performance and security benefits, while saving more than 50% on their Google Cloud networking egress bill by using Cloudflare.
Karma Insurance prepares to disrupt the Canadian insurance market leveraging Cloudflare's network to bring their customers high performance and online security.
Pixowl is serious about the speed and performance of their mobile games. That's why they chose to work with Cloudflare.
FastMail ensures that they never lose a message with Cloudflare protecting their DNS infrastructure.
Duplika protects its DNS infrastructure with Cloudflare's Virtual DNS service.
One does not have to choose between a personal relationship with their bank and enhanced online security.
Clients' SEO rankings improved just by installing Cloudflare.
DigitalOcean answers 10,000 DNS queries every second. Cloudflare ensures that’s 100% clean traffic.
OkCupid helps people find love, while Cloudflare bullet-proofs its infrastructure.
Zendesk knows customer service. Cloudflare knows how to supercharge their website.
Cloudflare helped Shopping Cart Elite stay secure and increase load speeds by 40%.
Cloudflare’s global CDN helped cut Taringa's monthly bandwidth costs by 80%.
Yola uses Cloudflare to secure their websites and shrewdly manage their service costs.
Hostnet selects Cloudflare to bullet-proof its entire infrastructure.
During the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest semi-final was targeted with a large DDoS attack.
Backed by Spark::red and Cloudflare, sustained a 100% uptime, experienced zero security issues. reached out to Cloudflare to make sure the site was ready to handle the increase in traffic.
Cloudflare has been instrumental in CodeGuard’s customer growth and product improvement.
Website speed was a priority for Founderly. Cloudflare's CDN made it easy.
Cloudflare accelerated the byte load and reduced the widget loading time by at least 50%.
Cloudflare’s advanced network helped cut pageview response time cut in half.
Christmas spreads cheer year round thanks the Cloudflare’s easy setup and state-of-the-art DDoS protection.
LearnThat tripled pageviews thanks to faster speeds means that everyone has the opportunity to learn.
The San Francisco Marathon had a problem keeping their website up during race weekends. Cloudflare kept the site up and running.
Constantly under attack, CJS CD-Keys, an eCommerce site, was quickly losing business.