Argo Smart Routing

Avoid network congestion and accelerate web apps

Network congestion on the Internet can lead to slow load times. Argo Smart Routing detects and routes around real-time network congestion for 30% (on average) faster web app performance.

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Faster loading times

Deliver web traffic over the quickest network paths available for noticeably faster app performance and an improved user experience.

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Increased reliability

Route around congestion and use the most reliable paths to increase uptime.

Reduced costs

Minimize content requests to the origin server, reducing latency, server load, and bandwidth usage.

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Integrated security

Encrypt end-to-end traffic across the Cloudflare network, protecting web traffic from attackers.


Make web apps faster with intelligent, real-time routing

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The Cloudflare network routes an average of 57 million HTTP requests per second, providing a unique view of traffic flow on the Internet.

Argo Smart Routing uses this information to detect the fastest network paths, then intelligently routes customer web traffic on those paths.

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Learn how Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud helps accelerate applications

What our customers are saying

"We're in a constant search for ways to improve our product experience at Discord… Argo allowed us to cut our load times by an average of 33 milliseconds with no development effort by our team."

CTO Discord — Stanislav Vishnevskiy

Top Argo Smart Routing use cases
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Top Argo Smart Routing use cases

Argo Smart Routing helps you speed up your web apps, minimize latency for all content, and reduce cache-miss rates

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Improve web app performance

Smart routing decisions informed by real-time network conditions ensure content reaches end users as quickly as possible

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Reduce origin server load

Argo offers tiered caching in order to increase cache hit rates, lowering infrastructure costs

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