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Cloud Email Security

Preemptively detect and stop phishing threats

  • Effortless protection against email-borne malware, business email compromise (BEC), and multi-channel (link- and QR-based) phishing attacks
  • Low-touch, high-efficacy threat detection for blocking and isolating malicious content
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Phishing protection goes beyond email

Protect against targeted phishing attacks that use a combination of email and other collaboration apps to exploit users and gain unauthorized access.

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Low-touch, high-efficacy threat detection

Realize industry-leading threat detection efficacy without having to constantly tune policies and configurations.

Greater value, lower cost

Save time, money, and your sanity — all while catching the phishing threats that others miss.


Cloudflare named a “Leader” in the 2023 Forrester Wave for Enterprise Email Security

In its 2023 market analysis focused on email security, Forrester highlighted Cloudflare’s delivery of in-line and API-enabled email security capabilities to thwart multichannel phishing, ease and speed of investigation, and ability to protect users before, during, and after email delivery.

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Top use cases

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Block and isolate multi-channel attacks — Insulate employees from link-based attacks that exploit users across various applications, including QR code and deferred attacks.

Stop business email compromise (BEC) — Detect highly-deceptive attacks that impersonate employees and vendors using leverage impersonated and compromised accounts to steal information and extract fraudulent payments.

Prevent ransomware and other malware-based attacks — Block dangerous attachments and links that attempt to deploy malicious software on end-user devices.

Protect users before, during, and after email delivery — Deliver continuous protection against known and emerging phishing tactics, even those cleverly designed to evade traditional email security controls.

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How it works

Identify and remediate phishing gaps
  1. (M365 users) Run a free phishing retro scan in minutes to identify active threats that have already evaded existing security controls over the past 14 days and are currently sitting in your inboxes. (Gmail users) Request a free phishing risk assessment to identify the phishing threats that are evading your existing security controls, as they’re being delivered.
  2. Review the results of your scan or assessment to better understand the frequency and types of attacks that are bypassing your current defenses.
  3. Deploy Cloudflare’s email security service either inline (as MX), via API, or in multi-mode (hybrid of both).
Identify and remediate phishing gaps

Extend your phishing protection – without disrupting users

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Cloudflare’s email security service, as part of a unified Zero Trust platform, protects against phishing campaigns that go beyond email to exploit your most valuable resource – people. With innovative methods for detecting and mitigating user-targeted attacks, Cloudflare delivers invisible protection that extends to the full suite of applications that support both office and remote employees.

By layering Cloudflare on top of your cloud email provider, you can augment your existing email capabilities while securing both users and applications with a single, composable security platform.

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Ready to see what phishing threats are getting through?

Cloud Email Security Resources

Solution & Product Guides

Cloud Email Security

Learn how you can preemptively protect your users against phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and email supply chain attacks.

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360 Degrees of Protection: Combating the Rise of Multichannel Phishing

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about multichannel phishing attacks, how users are being exploited through their use of email and web browsing, and what can be done to insulate users from these malicious threats.

Solution & Product Guides

Email Link Isolation product brief

Opening suspicious email links in an isolated browser neutralizes any potential malware by running all code in the cloud, far away from the user and their device. Download this brief to learn about integrated Cloudflare email security + Cloudflare Browser Isolation.

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Solution & Product Guides

Phishing Risk Assessment Overview

The complimentary Phishing Risk Assessment from Cloudflare lets you know who within your organization is most targeted by phishing, which email threats are evading your current defenses, where malicious attacks are originating, and more.

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Solution & Product Guides

Cloud Email Security Product Packaging

Download this datasheet for a breakdown of included features in the different Cloudflare's cloud email security (CES) product packages - Advantage, Enterprise, and Enterprise + PhishGuard.

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How to replace your email gateway with Cloudflare

Here's a step-by-step guide to replacing redundant and ineffective traditional secure email gateways (SEGs) with Cloudflare's preemptive, cloud-native email security.

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Solution & Product Guides

Enhance Gmail Security with Cloudflare

Deploy Cloudflare in just minutes for a best-of-breed, defense-in-depth anti-phishing security layer for your Google Workspace email users.

Download PDF
Solution & Product Guides

Cloudflare & Microsoft 365 Email Security Solution Brief

Keep Microsoft inboxes threat-free with preemptive, cloud-native email security.

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Solution & Product Guides

Phishing Retro Scan

With Cloudflare's retro scan, you can immediately identify the active threats that have already reached your users, including malicious emails that have evaded existing defenses.

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