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Secure hybrid work with Cloudflare

Explore specific hybrid work use cases that our cloud-native services can help you achieve.
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Securing hybrid work involves many security disciplines and requires attention and collaboration across your entire business.

See how Cloudflare delivers on your use cases and simplifies key security processes.

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Replace Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Simplify complicated, overburdened VPNs with a more modern, scalable approach utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Access

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Manage contractor access

Provide a first class experience for third-party collaborators with fast, safe access to applications utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Access

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Activate phishing-resistant MFA

Thwart phishing and the most dangerous threat vectors with security keys and Zero Trust utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Access

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Secure distributed remote workforces

Secure remote teams, devices, and data without slowdown or sacrificing user experience utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Zero Trust

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Protect employees on the Internet

Give users a secure web gateway with fast, safe Internet browsing and no backhauling required utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Gateway

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Stop ransomware and phishing

Make web browsing safer and faster for your business with a Zero Trust browsing service utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Browser Isolation

  • Cloudflare Gateway

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Secure access to SaaS applications

Protect your data without security risks, visibility challenges, or access control roadblocks utilizing:

  • Cloudflare CASB

  • Cloudflare Access

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Improve compliance and protection of data and code

Regain visibility and controls over sensitive data and source code across web, SaaS, and private applications to reduce risk:

  • Cloudflare CASB

  • Cloudflare DLP

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Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud simplifies remote workforce security

Our composable platform and network make it easier to secure any connection, so users on any device in any location can stay safe and productive using applications and the Internet
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Composable architecture

Meet any unique use case with full API programmability and customizable logging and routing

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Preserve user experiences with single-pass inspection and a network that’s 50 ms from 95% of Internet users

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Threat intelligence

Block more threats — known and unknown — with intelligence gleaned from proxying ~20% of the web and blocking 209 billion daily threats

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Unified interface

Reduce tool sprawl and alert fatigue by uniting all remote workforce security services in one UI

Canva uses Cloudflare to protects its
3500+ employee hybrid workforce

Canva needed an effective way to manage and protect application usage across its global user base of 3500 employees and multiple third-party agencies.

With Cloudflare Access, Cloudflare’s ZTNA service, Canva’s security teams find it much easier to onboard and offboard new users, and to track their network activity.

Cloudflare Access saved us from having to develop our own Identity and Access Management (IAM) system…we wanted to give employees different levels of permissions in CanvaWorld, and Access lets us do that easily.”

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