Unify security services under one control plane

Secure your people, apps and networks more efficiently and effectively with Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud

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Disparate tools and environments create security vulnerabilities

Complex & disjointed security creates opportunities for attackers

Multiple security vendors and control planes, and stretched teams, provide an ideal environment for sophisticated attacks.

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Complex & disjointed security creates opportunities for attackers
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Security inefficiency

More vendors means more tickets and longer timelines.

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Reduced visibility

Redundant dashboards and alerts create oversights.

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More attacks and breaches

Inefficiency and reduced visibility cause gaps and slow response.


Simplify security and reduce vendor sprawl with Cloudflare

Simplify your approach and deliver security everywhere with Cloudflare

The connectivity cloud from Cloudflare offers comprehensive enterprise security via scalable, programmable, cloud-native services, which eliminates the need for multiple security vendors.

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Simplify your approach and deliver security everywhere with Cloudflare
Meet key security needs
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Adopt Zero Trust

Augment or replace risky VPNs, secure contractor or unmanaged device access, mitigate ransomware attacks, view and reduce data exposure.

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Protect your attack surface

Prevent multi-channel phishing and business email compromise, protect remote workers and distributed offices, and secure the WAN.

Stop zero-days

Stop vulnerability exploits in APIs & web apps (e.g. 0-days, known CVEs, SQLi, XSS etc), along with denial of service and bot attacks.

Speedier incident response times, reduced cost and faster innovation

improvement in response times to security and performance incidents


reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) of security and IT investments


improved time-to-market with new innovations

Global leaders, including 30% of the Fortune 1000, rely on Cloudflare

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Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud simplifies and streamlines security consolidation

Our composable platform and network make it easier for organizations to protect their users, apps, and networks, across any endpoint or infrastructure — across the entire attack lifecycle.

Minimize attack surface - 128x128
1. Minimize attack surfaces

Unite different security domains on a single platform, simplifying management across every attack surface

2. Prevent initial compromise

Block more attacks with peerless threat intelligence spanning every domain

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3. Eliminate lateral movement

Detect and respond to threats faster via unified dashboards and reporting

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4. Stop exfiltration and extortion

Lock down the whole network with Zero Trust policies

Cloudflare helps GPC blocks hundreds of millions of attacks across their digital portfolio

GPC faced poor threat visibility across their 900+ site web presence, complicating detection and response. In response, they replaced their multi-vendor stack with Cloudflare’s web application security services.

Now, Cloudflare has helped them detect and block as many as 450 million threats per year, and prevent competitive screen scraping.

“When board members see the numbers, they know we’re getting a solid return on our Cloudflare investment.”

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