CloudFlare partner programs

CloudFlare partners with hosts, agencies, technology platforms and enterprise distributors to provide the next generation in performance and security solutions to over 2 million sites globally.

Who can partner with CloudFlare?

We partner with all types of companies including hosts, ecommerce platforms, digital agencies, system integrators, value added resellers and website developers. Our partners include some of the industry’s leading hosting companies and agencies. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.

How do I partner with CloudFlare?

Integration: CloudFlare’s control panel plugins and host API allow you to offer CloudFlare’s free service as a self-service option for your customers. Ideal for web hosting companies, ecommerce platforms, and website builders.

Reseller: CloudFlare offers a reseller program to select partners. The program gives options to integrate CloudFlare directly into your billing system or can be done via referral. Contact [email protected] to learn more.

Hosting providers

In today’s highly competitive hosting market CloudFlare offers web hosts the advantage they need. Regardless of the plans you offer, CloudFlare makes your customers’ sites faster and more secure. CloudFlare works with cloud hosting, managed hosting, and hybrid hosting. Moreover, all software and platforms are compatible including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Plus, we’ve made integration into any hosting control panel straightforward. We offer integrations for cPanel, WHMCS, Odin Plesk Panel 12 and above, Interworx and ISPSystems, which means that if you’re using one of these control panels, you can get started with CloudFlare within five minutes. Alternatively, if you’re using a custom control panel, we have an API for integration.

Hosting partners can select from three levels of integration:

  • Certified: Partners can offer CloudFlare’s speed and security to customers in a single click.
  • Optimized: Optimized Partners get all all the benefits of the Certified Partner program, plus Railgun, CloudFlare’s tool for dynamic content optimization.
  • Reseller: We offer qualified partners the opportunity to make available CloudFlare paid plans to their customers. Learn more here.

Technology integrators

CloudFlare works across a number of platforms to deliver smooth integration to your customers who seek improved site security and performance. We currently have integrations for cPanel, WHMCS, Odin Plesk Panel 12, 11.x or 10.4.4, Odin Plesk Automation, Interworx, ISPSystems, and Odin Automation, which means that partners using one of these control panels can add CloudFlare within five minutes. If there is not already a plugin for your control panel and you are interested in partnering with us, please contact [email protected].

Program benefits:

  • Partner with the industry’s leading web security and performance service
  • Help your clients to improve their customers’ ARPU and stickiness
  • Straightforward integration using proven API tools.

Control panel integrations

Enterprise distributors

Managed Service Providers

For managed service providers, system integrators and value added resellers who wish to offer a complete cloud technology stack, CloudFlare offers a solution for website, mobile and API performance and security.

We collaborate with you to scope deals, cosell, support successful launch, identify upsell opportunities and ensure renewals. Our highly technical team is able to customize solutions to meet your clients’ specific requirements, without the need for complex hardware integrations. By joining CloudFlare as an Enterprise partner, you can offer industry leading cloud based site performance enhancements and security for your clients’ web and mobile apps.

  • Demonstrate value - show your clients detailed analytics, such as bandwidth saved and threats blocked.
  • Grow your business - offer web security and performance as an added service. CloudFlare gives you the tools to manage your clients’ accounts using APIs.
  • Supported all the way - get in-depth technical training on CloudFlare’s features and best practices and sales training and joint account assistance.

Digital agencies

For both digital agencies or web developers, CloudFlare is an essential addition to your offering. Whether it’s a web application firewall to comply with PCI requirements, a content delivery network to support seasonal peaks in client traffic, or DDoS mitigation as part of a risk management plan, CloudFlare addresses the key concerns facing today’s sites, so you can focus on optimizing sites and campaigns.

Offer your customers CloudFlare’s security and performance, including:

  • Web application firewall to comply with PCI requirements
  • CDN to support seasonal peaks in traffic
  • DDoS mitigation
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Analytics

E-commerce platforms

CloudFlare’s performance and security solutions are ideal for eCommerce sites of all sizes. Since site speed is crucial for online shopping, a faster site means more sales. CloudFlare optimizes your customers’ web properties to ensure that end users have a fast and enjoyable experience.

We cache static assets at the edge of our network close to visitors, while our Railgun™ technology accelerates dynamic content. To allow ecommerce sites to handle spikes in traffic, CloudFlare has a globally distributed network that absorbs traffic spikes and ensures that your site is fast, secure and always online around the globe.

Our security suite includes DDoS protection to keep customers’ sites online, avoiding missed sales. In addition, CloudFlare’s TLS/SSL encryption ensures that sensitive data is kept secure while our web application firewall helps meet PCI compliance requirements.

CloudFlare offers ecommerce partners:

  • Caching of static assets at the edge of our network.
  • Accelerated dynamic content.
  • DDoS protection.
  • TLS/SSL encryption.
  • Web application firewall for PCI compliance.
  • Load balancing to absorb traffic spikes.

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