Security Operations Center-as-a-Service

Cloudflare’s Security Operations Center (SOC)-as-a-Service is designed to meet the network and application security monitoring, threat detection and incident response needs of enterprises of all sizes and sophistication.

The SOC combines our award-winning best-in-class security products like WAF, Bot Management and DDoS protection, a next-generation detection and alerting platform and 24x7x365 assistance from our network security engineers.

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Why Cloudflare's Security Operations Center-as-a-Service?

Reduced overall security costs

Cloudflare’s SOC reduces the need to employ and train in-house security specialists for monitoring and responding to alerts, thereby shrinking overall security spend.

Offloading security to Cloudflare experts

Your security team no longer has to wade through security alerts when time is of essence, and can focus on other priority projects, thanks to Cloudflare security experts who immediately identify any suspicious activity and swiftly respond with recommendations for resolution.

Proactive communication and reporting

Proactive communication through various channels — including phone, email and webhook — when there is a traffic anomaly or when the network is under attack. Periodic reports on rules created and attacks blocked, with recommendations on configuration changes.

Included SOC offerings

WAF and advanced rate limiting

Bot Management

Application DDoS protection

Magic Transit network DDoS protection

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Standard Success

Premium Success

SOC as a Service

Break Fix 24/7

Emergency Phone Support Hotline

Under Attack Support Engineer for Magic Transit

Designated Incident Response Team *

Prioritized Case Handling *

Proactive monitoring and alerting for application health *

Response SLA for P1

<2 Hr

<1 Hr

30 minutes

Dedicated Team of Security Engineers

Proactive Monitoring and Alerting for Security Incidents

Attack Analysis and Mitigation

Custom Rules to Mitigate Active Attacks

Security event reporting with data-driven recommendations on rules and thresholds

GRE Tunnel Health Check alerting & outreach for Tier 1 tunnels (SOC Network only)

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