Secure & accelerate applications with Cloudflare

Protect your applications and APIs and deliver them with better speed and reliability
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See how Cloudflare’s web performance and security services can help you block attacks, catch vulnerabilities, accelerate user experiences, improve availability, and meet other key use cases.

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Secure websites & APIs

Get a secure API gateway with our massive global network utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Gateway

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Mitigate DDoS attacks

Protect against DDoS attacks of any size and kind with multi-level security utilizing:

  • Cloudflare DDoS

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Stop malicious bot abuse

Manage good / bad bots — stop bad bots with threat intelligence at scale utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Bot Management

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Augment security with threat intelligence

Threat intelligence and operations that bolsters security postures and SOC effectiveness utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Threat Intelligence

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Accelerate internet applications

Cache static content on Cloudflare's network, optimize image files, compress dynamic content, route requests to the least congested path, and much more utilizing:

  • Cloudflare CDN

  • Cloudflare DNS

  • Argo Smart Routing

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Ensure app availability

Improve your app availability with a scalable infrastructure backbone that prevents downtime and unavailability utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Availability

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Optimize web experience

Deliver fast web experiences with image optimization, dynamic content compression, requests routing to the least congested path, and much more utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Browser Insights

  • Cloudflare Image Optimization

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Video streaming on-demand

Stream video instantly — upload, store, encode and deliver live and on-demand video with one API utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Stream

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Visitors in China

Give your users in China a fast, secure online experience with a global network that offers DDoS mitigation, web application firewall (WAF), and more utilizing:

  • Cloudflare China Network

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Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud streamlines security & performance

Solution hub - Why Cloudflare

Cloudflare unifies comprehensive web security and performance services on a single, composable, cloud-native platform, making it simpler to block more attacks, improve user experiences, and boost visibility across your entire web portfolio. Our connectivity cloud offers:

  • Composable architecture: Meet any unique use case with full API programmability and customizable logging and routing
  • Integration: Banish latency with single-pass inspection and a network that’s 50 ms from 95% of Internet users
  • Threat intelligence: Block more threats — known and unknown — with intelligence gleaned from blocking 209 billion daily attacks
  • Unified interface: Reduce tool sprawl and alert fatigue by uniting every security and performance service in one UI
Solution hub - Why Cloudflare
Mindbody uses Cloudflare to improve web security and performance from a single platform

Mindbody’s web security and performance stack was scattered across too many interfaces, platforms, and feature sets.

The company consolidated all of these services onto Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud. Now, they’re catching more bots, reducing false-positives, and improving their customer experience.

With Cloudflare, we've been able to replicate all the functionality that we had previously with a variety of tools and consolidate it into one, which just makes everything easier."

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