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The Cloudflare China Network

Give your users in China a fast, secure online experience.
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Ensuring performance, reliability and security for websites operating in China can be challenging for many global organizations. Cloudflare and our strategic partners in China have created a global network that offers a fast experience for visitors inside and outside of China — with DDoS mitigation, web application firewall (WAF), and Zero Trust security services built in.

China Network 2021 hero image

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How the Cloudflare China Network works

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China’s Internet architecture differs from the rest of the world. Users within China accessing content from data centers outside China may experience congestion and packet loss leading to a poor user experience.

To optimize delivery of content throughout China, it’s important to have geographically dispersed data centers across China, and connectivity to the major ISPs in each region. This is what the Cloudflare China Network provides. We've partnered with JD Cloud to grow our network. As of today, we have more than 45 data centers in approximately 30 unique cities within mainland China.

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China Network partner

The Cloudflare China Network is run in partnership with JD Cloud, the cloud computing arm of the Chinese eCommerce giant JD.com. JD Cloud was named a 'Strong Performer' in Forrester's Wave for public cloud platforms in China.

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China Express

China Express is a suite of connectivity and performance offerings that accelerate application access for users in China, offered in partnership with China Mobile International (CMI) and CBC Tech.

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China Express partners

Cloudflare partners with leading network providers in China including China Mobile International (CMI) and CBC Tech.

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Cloudflare China Resources

Case Study

Polestar Case Study

The Cloudflare China Network improves sluggish performance on Polestar's Chinese web properties and showroom Configurator experience.

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Solution & Product Guides

The Cloudflare China Network

Deliver a secure, fast-performing, and reliable online experience to audiences in China, regardless of local networking and security challenges.

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Navigating the challenges of connecting with your audience in China

Together with our local strategic partners, Cloudflare has been supporting global business in China since 2015. We can help you to think global while acting locally, to deliver a faster, secure and more reliable experience to your customers, partners, and employees in China.

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China Express: Cloudflare partners to boost performance in China for corporate networks

We are excited to announce China Express — a new suite of capabilities and best practices in partnership with our partners CMI and CBC Tech — that help address performance challenges and ensure a consistent experience for customers and employees everywhere.

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Optimize website performance and security in China

Strategies for tapping into China’s massive, complex and rapidly growing Internet economy.

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Cloudflare TV

Cloudflare One in China - China Express partnering with CMI and CBC

This CFTV episode we’ll demonstrate how Cloudflare is helping CIOs keep data, devices and employees both safe and fast across hybrid and remote environments. We’ll show how Cloudflare accelerates digital transformation and modernizes networking and security towards a Zero Trust model.

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Announcing a Partnership Between Cloudflare and JD Cloud

Our partnership with JD Cloud will allow international businesses to grow their online presence in China without having to worry about managing separate tools with separate vendors for security and performance.

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