Year in review

2022 Internet traffic, adoption, and security trends

Internet traffic up 23% YoY, Internet shutdowns are increasingly used by governments, and attack surfaces are growing and shifting targets

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Attack surface grows with API proliferation

The rapid growth of APIs has led to significant security risks for the enterprise

'22 Q4 DDoS threat report

Attack duration increased across the board, volumetric attacks surged, and Ransom DDoS continued to rise

The anatomy of Vendor Email Compromise

Slow play attacks with bigger payouts are emerging as adversaries get more sophisticated

NCR on securing online banking

Ensuring customer success means combatting fraud and attacks as more transactions move online

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Protecting human rights in the digital age

Shinning a light on the Internet’s patterns, insights, threats, and trends based on our network data

Securing the inbox of political campaigns

How protecting email is key to preventing attacks

The risks of security monitoring fatigue

4 recommendations to reduce data overload and burnout

US midterm election attack analysis

Traffic patterns, attack types, and top attack sources associated with the US midterm elections

Effects of the Brazilian Presidential election

Recent election gets attention due to allegations of electoral fraud

Internet trends from Thanksgiving holiday

Last year, we saw how the US paused shopping (and browsing) for Thanksgiving. So, how was it this year?

Security for the holidays

Prepare for the attacks with the greatest risk to your organization

Ransomware attackers escalating extortion

7 trends raising the stakes and intensifying negotiations

Bypassing MFA: The latest exploit

5 ways a Zero Trust strategy can help prevent MFA exploitation and protect user data

Q2 disruptions to the Internet

Last quarter, Cloudflare observed a variety of network outages, and some that lead to political unrest

Internal threats reach annual $600K cost

Remote work makes malicious insider attacks difficult to detect

BEC loss is rising

Highly targeted, difficult-to-detect phishing attacks are behind recent headlines