Cybersecurity and Performance for Government & Public Sector

Protect and accelerate mission-critical Internet assets and infrastructure

Federal and State governments are required to maintain a digital presence, meeting high standards of effectiveness and usability and providing quality information that is readily accessible to all1.

This task is becoming increasingly difficult, as the number of cyber incidents reported by federal agencies has jumped more than 1,300 percent, from 5,503 to 77,183, over the last 10 years, through fiscal 20152. As of May 2017, Executive Order 13800 was signed into office, ensuring that cybersecurity protections are in place, which requires work on each department's’ part to comply with new regulations. This Executive Order also establishes that the President will hold heads of executive departments and agencies accountable for managing cybersecurity risk to their enterprises.

Entities at state and local levels, such as educational institutions, museums, and state departments, which are managing Internet assets and critical infrastructure, continue to be at greater risk due to distributed cybersecurity teams with non-cohesive security practices.

Cloudflare’s 20 Tbps global Anycast network of 155 data centers across 75 countries, including 21 in mainland China, protects government and public sector Internet properties from application layer attacks, botnets, and other automated distributed threats, while ensuring highly available and performant experiences across all visitor devices.

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Protect Against Malicious Traffic

Protect Against Malicious Traffic

Cloudflare’s 20 Tbps global Anycast network of 155 data centers across 75 countries is 15x bigger than the largest distributed attack ever recorded. Cloudflare’s DDoS protection mitigates attacks targeting layers 3, 4, and 7, as well as DNS.

Protect Sensitive Data from Breaches

Protect Sensitive Data from Breaches

Protect against new and evolving threats through shared intelligence across 12 million websites and automatically updated WAF rules. Cloudflare reduces the risk of data compromise through a layered security defense (Rate Limiting, DNS, SSL/TLS, WAF, Firewall).

Accelerated Performance

Accelerated Performance

Cloudflare’s Anycast content delivery network caches static content closest to visitors, reducing latency and accelerating page load times. Combined with website optimizations, load balancing, and smart routing, Cloudflare ensure fast and highly available experiences across multiple devices.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Predictable flat-rate pricing means never being charged for bandwidth usage, even in the case of legitimate traffic spikes or attack. Additionally, Cloudflare caches and serves static content, saving on monthly bandwidth costs.

Trusted Implementation Partners

Cloudflare is proud to partner with trusted and certified MSPs, ISVs, and VARs to deliver security and performance to government and public sector Internet properties.

Customer Case Study

"Cloudflare helped me solve the technical problem, implement a solution on a Friday night before a long weekend, and said we could worry about the money next week. As someone who was at maximum frustration that was music to my ears."

Cloudflare Security

Cloudflare’s 20 Tbps global Anycast network of 155 data centers across 75 countries is 10x bigger than the largest distributed attack ever recorded. Cloudflare’s DDoS protection mitigates attacks targeting layers 3, 4, and 7, as well as DNS. When combined with Web Application Firewall (WAF), Cloudflare mitigates complex attacks targeting the application layer, while protecting against distributed denial-of-service, brute-force login, and API endpoint abuse with fine grain and SSL/TLS around the world. And for additional domain security, Cloudflare is an ICANN accredited registrar, providing secure domain registration and hijack prevention.

"In this year’s historic Senate Special election, it was crucial that our website be able to handle spikes in traffic and remain online in the event of attack. It is very important to our state government and democracy as a whole that voters and the public be able to access registrar, election information, and election results. Cloudflare proved to be an excellent partner, helping us achieve this goal."
Jim Purcell
Acting Secretary of Information Technology,
State of Alabama

Cloudflare Performance

Cloudflare improves the visitor experience of websites, applications, and APIs by reducing latency and optimizing the performance of content delivery. At the core of Cloudflare’s solution is a global content delivery network (CDN) of 155 data centers across 75 countries, bringing content closer to visitors of every region; additional CDN optimizations include auto-minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and Gzip compression, saving over 20% on the size of files and resources.

Real-time network intelligence found in Argo’s smart routing finds the fastest paths available, routing around congestion and maintaining open, secure connections to eliminate latency imposed by connection-setup. For additional availability with reductions in latency, Cloudflare Load Balancing distributes traffic across multiple servers, routing it to the closest geographic region, while rapidly avoiding failures.

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  • コンテンツ配信ネットワーク(CDN)

  • Webサイトの最適化

    Cloudflareにはインターネットアセットのパフォーマンスを向上する一連のWeb最適化が組み込まれています。最適化には、HTTP/2、TLS 1.3などの最新のWeb標準や、画像およびモバイルデバイスの訪問者に対する独自の拡張機能が含まれます。
  • DNS

  • 負荷分散

    Cloudflare Load Balancingは負荷分散、地理的ルーティング、モニタリング、単一のハイブリッドクラウド環境とマルチクラウド環境のフェイルオーバーを提供し、パフォーマンスと可用性を強化します。
  • Argo Smart Routing

    Argo Smart RoutingはCloudflareのプライベートネットワークで最も混雑が少なく、最も信頼性の高いパスに訪問者をルーティングすることで、インターネットアセットのパフォーマンスを平均で35%向上します。
  • Railgun

  • Stream

    Cloudflare Streamはデータストレージ、メディアエンコーディング、コンテンツ埋め込みと再生、地域別配信、分析を操作し、ビデオストリーミングを容易にします。
  • Workers

    Cloudflare Workersを使用して、開発者は世界155か所にあるCloudflareのデータセンターでJavaScript Service Workerを実行できます。
  • Mobile SDK

    CloudflareのMobile SDKはあらゆるグローバルキャリアネットワークでアプリケーションパフォーマンスとロード時間を可視化します。



  • エニーキャストネットワーク

    Cloudflareのエニーキャストネットワークは75における155か所のデータセンターと20 Tbpsの容量を有し、インターネット資産の可用性とパフォーマンスを維持しながら、分散された攻撃トラフィックを地理別に吸収します。

  • Webアプリケーションファイアウォール(WAF)

    CloudflareのエンタープライズクラスのWebアプリケーションファイアウォール(WAF)は、OWASP Top 10ルールセット、アプリケーション固有のルールセット、カスタムルールセットを使用して、ネットワークエッジでアプリケーション層の一般的な脆弱性を検出し、ブロックします。
  • Rate Limiting

    Rate Limitingは不審なリクエストレートの訪問者を微細なコントロールでブロックまたは識別し、重要なリソースを保護します。

    Transport Security Layer(TLS)暗号化は、訪問者と配信元サーバー間のHTTPS接続を確立し、中間者攻撃、パケットスニッフィング、Webブラウザーに表示される信頼性の警告などを防止します。
  • 安全なレジストラー

  • Orbit

    Cloudflare Orbitはモノのインターネットデバイスに関するセキュリティ関連の問題をネットワークレベルで解決します。
  • Argo Tunnel

  • アクセス

  • Spectrum