Descubre cómo Zendesk aprovecha Cloudflare para sobrecargar el rendimiento y la seguridad para más de 125 000 sitios de clientes.

Video Transcript

Zendesk is one of the world’s premier customer service companies, providing its software suite to over 125,000 businesses around the globe.

Jason: My name is Jason Smale, I’m the Vice President of Engineering at Zendesk.

Andrei: My Name is Andrei Balcanasu, I’m a technical lead in the foundation edge team at Zendesk.

Zendesk es una plataforma de asistencia al cliente que diseña de forma increíble un software muy sencillo para que las empresas tengan mejores relaciones con sus clientes.

Jason: We have over 125,000 businesses around the world all using Zendesk. And then within those businesses, there are hundreds of people whose day job is to sit in front of Zendesk and use Zendesk.

For Zendesk, security is paramount. And when it came to safeguarding its network, Zendesk turned to Cloudflare.

Andrei: Web security is very important to our business. Our customers trust us with their information, and their customers’ information. So we need to make sure that their information is safe, secure.

Jason: The initial need for Cloudflare came back a couple of years ago, when we suddenly started to see a lot of attacks coming towards us, and all of a sudden we’d get thousands of requests, hundreds of thousands, millions of requests — coming at us from all over the place. So we needed a way to be able to control what came into our infrastructure. And Cloudflare were the only ones that could meet our requirements.

Ha sido sorprendente ver cómo la mitigación de DDoS de Cloudflare continúa evolucionando y transformándose. Sin duda, es la mejor mitigación de DDoS que hemos tenido. Creo que Cloudflare ofrece eso y mucho más. Ni siquiera tienes que elegir y depender de diferentes proveedores porque es uno solo y es increíble en todos los aspectos. Es sencillo. No hace falta pensar mucho.

By tapping into Cloudflare’s unique integrated security protection and performance acceleration, Zendesk has been able to leverage Cloudflare’s global platform to enhance its experience for all of its customers.

Jason: Cloudflare is providing an incredible service to the world right now. Because there’re no other competitors who are close.

Andrei: Cloudflare is our outer edge. It makes our application faster, more reliable, and allows us to respond with confidence to traffic spikes and make our customers happier.

Zendesk busca generar las mejores experiencias para los clientes y Cloudflare nos ayuda a lograrlo.

With customers like Zendesk and approximately 25 million other Internet properties that trust Cloudflare with their security and performance, we’re making the Internet fast, secure, and reliable for everyone.

Cloudflare — Helping Build a Better Internet.

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«Actualmente, Cloudflare proporciona un servicio increíble para el mundo. Esto se debe a que no hay otros competidores a su altura.»

Jason Smale
Vicepresidente de ingeniería, Zendesk