Workers Observability Partnerships

Our partners bring in observability to the Edge to investigate, diagnose, fix and monitor issues while using our effortless infinitely scalable compute platform, Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare is partnering with six observability-focused companies that are deeply integrated into the Cloudflare Workers ecosystem. These partnerships will provide immediate value in building the operational muscle to maintain and make your next generation of applications fast, secure, and bullet-proof in production.


Developers are not the only part of an organization that need to observe all aspects of their applications in production. As organizations grow and the sophistication of their infrastructure monitoring and security systems grow, they typically implement observability platforms, which provide overall visibility into the entire infrastructure and the ability to alert on anomalies — not just individual applications, appliances, hardware or network. To achieve that goal, observability platforms must ingest as much data as possible.

Developers love writing code on Cloudflare Workers. The speed, scale, and developer tooling all combine to make it a delightful experience. Our observability partner announcements today extend that experience from development to operations. Getting real-time, contextual insights into what your code is doing, how it’s performing and any errors it’s generating is at the core of shipping the next generation of transformative apps. Our serverless platform takes care of getting your code to within 100 ms of 99% of the planet’s Internet-connected population, and our observability partners make sure that that code does exactly what you designed it to do.

Our Partners

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