Endpoint Security Partnerships

Securing sensitive resources means ensuring every connection originates from trusted devices and verified users.

Cloudflare is partnering with leading endpoint security providers to make Zero Trust security seamless for organizations. Cloudflare for Teams customers can now configure rules to restrict access to sensitive resources based on the device posture signals from our partners' endpoint security platforms.

Our Partners

Never trust, always verify device posture

Add device posture signals to Cloudflare’s zero trust platform to make sure every connection to corporate apps is verified for user and device posture.

When a user logs in to an application protected by Cloudflare, we verify whether the device is managed by an endpoint security provider and also cross check the user's identity with their identity provider. The result — every connection to your corporate application gets an additional layer of identity and device assurance and users avoid having to fire up a VPN to get connected.

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Global reach

Bring enforcement decisions within 100ms of 99% of the world’s Internet connected population.

Easy setup

A few clicks to add device posture signals into Cloudflare for Teams policies.

Integration with multiple providers

Mix and match across endpoint security and identity providers.