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Cloudflare Zero Trust

The fastest Zero Trust application access and Internet browsing platform

Increase visibility, eliminate complexity, and reduce risks for remote and office users alike. Stop data loss, malware and phishing, and secure users, applications, and devices.

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Excessive trust.

The traditional tools used to connect employees to corporate apps grant excessive trust, exposing you to potential data loss.

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Way too complex.

The corporate perimeter has become more difficult to control with complex, conflicting configurations across your VPNs, firewalls, proxies, and identity providers.

Blind too often.

It’s never been harder to parse out logs, and make sense of how users access sensitive data.

Modernizing security with our step-by-step guidance.

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Zero Trust platform

Verify, filter, isolate, inspect on all devices you manage, and even devices you don't.
  • One uniform and composable platform for easy setup and operations.
  • Single-pass inspection for all traffic to ensure consistent, high speed protections.
  • 100% uptime SLA for paid plans that only an Anycast architecture can deliver.
Key Use Case

Replace or augment your VPN

Zero Trust access for any user to any application
  • Protect applications with identity, posture, and context-driven rules
  • Enforce consistent default-deny, least privilege access controls across cloud, on-premise and SaaS applications
  • Integrate flexibly your preferred identity and endpoint security provider
Learn how with our ZTNA service

Key Use Case

Protect users and data from Internet threats

Filter, inspect, and isolate Internet-bound traffic.
  • Block phishing and malware before they strike
  • Isolate browsing activity from corporate endpoints
  • Start with DNS filtering to achieve quick time-to-value for remote or office users. Deliver more comprehensive security with HTTP inspection and isolation for all Internet activity.
Learn how with our Secure Web Gateay
Key Use Case

Streamline SaaS security

More visibility and control, with less overhead
  • Mitigate and control Shadow IT with logs for every HTTP request
  • Apply tenant and data protection controls for SaaS apps
  • Scan SaaS apps to detect misconfigurations and suspicious activity
Learn how with our CASB

Demo: Connect and secure any user with Cloudflare Zero Trust

In this nine-minute tour of Cloudflare Zero Trust, you'll see the behind-the-scenes admin setup and live end user experience for use cases like endpoint security posture enforcement, identity-based Zero Trust rules, and protection from zero-day threats.

Or take an interactive, self-guided tour
Deployment outcomes: Save time and money with Zero Trust

Ready to tackle a Zero Trust use case?

Zero Trust as a bridge to SASE

For many organizations, modernizing security with Zero Trust is a critical step towards a broader network transformation, embodied by the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model.

Learn how Cloudflare Zero Trust fits into our SASE offering, Cloudflare One, and our approach to transforming security and connectivity.

Explore Cloudflare One, our SASE platform
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Helping organizations worldwide progress towards Zero Trust


Product Brief: Cloudflare Zero Trust Overview

Learn more about the benefits, features, and deployment outcomes of Cloudflare Zero Trust.

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Zero Trust Roadmap

Learn how to transform your security with Zero Trust with practical steps and implementation timelines in this vendor agnostic roadmap.

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Infographic: ROI of Zero Trust

Learn 5 ways that Zero Trust security saves your business time and money, while reducing your attack surface.

Download infographic
Simpler, more effective threat defense with Cloudflare Zero Trust

Learn how Cloudflare Zero Trust provides simpler and more effective threat defense than legacy approaches.

Download solution brief

Best practices for implementing Zero Trust security

Cloudflare co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince sits down with special guest David Holmes, Senior Analyst at Forrester, to discuss Zero Trust security, common roadblocks, and what the most successful deployments have in common.

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Cloudflare One Week 2022: Microsite

Find all the latest updates from Cloudflare One Week 2022 (June 19 - 24).

Learn about best practices and new Zero Trust capabilities to accelerate your security modernization and network transformation.

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SSE Brief

Learn a few key considerations for organizations exploring Security Services Edge (SSE), a conceptual model to consolidate point solutions and deliver unified security in the cloud.

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Zero Trust, SASE and SSE: foundational concepts for your next-generation network

Over the next week, we will be announcing new features that further augment the capabilities of the Cloudflare One platform to make it even easier for your team to realize the vision of SASE.

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How to augment or replace your VPN with Cloudflare

Offloading key applications from your traditional VPN to a cloud-native ZTNA solution like Cloudflare Access is a great place to start with Zero Trust and provides an approachable, meaningful upgrade for your business.

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Press Release: Cloudflare Expands Its Zero Trust Platform to Become the Only Cloud-Native Provider with Network Scale

Continued innovation to secure all aspects of a company’s applications, devices, and networks drove 100% year over year customer growth and 6X growth in daily traffic

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