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Cloudflare is rolling out GPUs across our global network

One network — everywhere

The Cloudflare global network runs every service in every data center so your users have a consistent experience everywhere — whether they are in Chicago or Cape Town. This means all customer traffic is processed at the data center closest to its source, with no backhauling or performance tradeoffs. And with single-pass inspection, security is streamlined and built-in.

What is your latency to our network?

Get to any network — faster


Interconnected with over 13,000 major service providers, cloud providers, and enterprise networks, Cloudflare is your own fast lane on the Internet. By avoiding network hops and optimizing traffic paths, we drastically reduce latency while improving application performance and the end user experience.


Compliance and privacy – built-in

We give customers control over information passing over our network and make it easy to enforce country-specific rules for access management. Our Data Localization Suite provides granular controls on where data is inspected to ease compliance burdens. We engineer our products to meet the highest standards of security and user privacy, including by championing security best practices like BGP RPKI and new standards like Oblivious DNS over HTTP.

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