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All the primitives you need to build full-stack and AI applications

Pure creation and unhindered innovation. Stop worrying about infrastructure, performance, and unpredictable pricing: the Cloudflare developer platform offers scalable computing power, databases, storage, media, and AI to build applications.

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Build on scalable infrastructure in the connectivity cloud

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Improve user experience everywhere

Get the lowest latency with greater control when code is automatically deployed to all 300 global locations.

Boost productivity and innovation

Build, deploy, and deliver trusted applications everywhere without operational overhead. Developers get a straight line from writing to deploying code.

Transparent and competitive pricing

Reduce costs with generous free tiers, transparent pricing, and no egress fees.

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Build ambitious applications

Deliver media

Run workloads on our infinitely scalable global network, with locations in more than 320 cities. Deploy serverless code instantly across the globe to give your applications exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

  • Code is deployed and executes globally, reducing network round trips for minimal latency

  • Deploy using popular frameworks with minimal configuration for a better developer experience

  • Run background or batch tasks allowing services to run at their own pace.

  • Expand your toolkit with Workers Integration Marketplace

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Explore how to build full-stack web applications on Cloudflare

C&A goes serverless with Cloudflare to scale swiftly
when online shopping soars

As C&A mapped out its future, the team recognized that their infrastructure needed to be nimble to accommodate unpredictable digital crowds driven by Black Friday, irresistible marketing promotions, and social media influencers. During these times, traffic can increase up to 10 times in a very short time period.

Now, not only does Cloudflare Workers deliver a seamless customer experience, but it also allows C&A to manage fluctuations in site traffic without introducing excessive costs.

"Cloudflare aligns precisely with our ecommerce vision. With Cloudflare Workers, we eliminate the operational overhead of implementing and managing servers. That gives us more time to focus on the business."

Optimizing application development with serverless


Build full-stack serverless applications

Workers AI

Run inference on GPUs across a global network.

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R2 Object Storage

Create multi-cloud architectures with an S3-compatible distributed object storage

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Create full-stack applications that are instantly deployed to the Cloudflare global network.

Build the next big thing on the Cloudflare global network