Network Observability Partner Program

Enhance on-demand DDoS protection with unified network-layer security and observability

Cloudflare’s network observability partner program enables mutual customers to procure and use Magic Transit, our industry-leading network-layer DDoS mitigation solution, with network observability, as an integrated offering. Through these partner integrations, customers can easily activate Magic Transit in on-demand mode, allowing them to benefit from DDoS mitigation when they need it most.

Observability is critical to readily detect DDoS attacks, helping customers understand not only how much traffic is flowing over their network, but also where it came from, where it is going, and what applications are consuming bandwidth.


Magic Transit is one of the most powerful DDoS mitigation platforms available today. It is robust enough for near-instant mitigation (with over 121 Tbps of network capacity worldwide) and flexible enough for even the most demanding network architectures.

This partnership builds on this solution by enabling customers to use Magic Transit in one of three modes:

  1. Always On — Customers looking for fast mitigation and traffic acceleration can deploy Magic Transit in Always On mode.
  2. On Demand — Customers can choose to turn on Magic Transit response to a DDoS attack via Cloudflare’s UI or Cloudflare's Magic Transit API.
  3. On Demand + Flow-based Monitoring — Customers can now purchase and deploy an integrated network observability and DDoS protection solution consisting of Cloudflare Magic Transit On Demand and network observability from a single vendor.

If you’re a network observability provider interested in becoming a partner, please get in touch.

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