Cloudflare for Startups

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Cloudflare for Startups helps startups connect, protect, and build Internet applications. Costs should not be a burden when starting out.

To qualify for the startup program, organizations must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Belong to an approved accelerator
  • Funded up to pre-series B
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how to get started

Get started in 3 easy steps

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1) Create free account

Sign up for a free account with Cloudflare.

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2) Fill out the form

Please fill out the form. You will receive an automated confirmation email upon filling out the form.

3) Check your inbox

Once you have submitted the form, check your inbox again for confirmation your Cloudflare for Startups account has been activated.

Benefits of startup program
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Fast, secure customer experiences

Security and performance services run in every server in every location where your code lives, and single-pass inspection and request processing reduces delays.

Automatic, near-infinite scale

Applications and code are automatically deployed to region: Earth with little to no configuration, and take advantage of our 280 Tbps (and growing) network capacity.

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Streamlined AI adoption

Our connectivity cloud is optimized for AI training, inference, security, and optimization — and offer zero egress fee storage.

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Faster development

A straight line from writing code to production deployment, driving faster feature and application development and automating key optimizations and configurations.

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scalable services

Flex Usage: Scale with Your Needs

To help you scale and optimize your online infrastructure, we also offer access to a variety of advanced services. To get you started, your account includes up to $100,000 worth of service* for these usage-based services. All benefits will expire within 1 year of starting on the Startup Program.

Here is a list of all the products available in Flex Usage:

For R2 storage, Cloudflare for Startups participants will be able to access up to $10,000 in usage for the duration of the program.

Workers Launchpad Funding Program

Actively building on Cloudflare Workers? Find the funding, tools, and community to help scale your startup through the Workers Launchpad.


スタートアッププログラムへの参加は、Cloudflareの裁量に委ねられます。Cloudflareスタートアッププランは1年間のサブスクリプションであり、「Cloudflare for Startups」ページに記載されている製品固有の使用制限が適用されます。スタートアッププランは、既存の企業サブスクリプションに代えてではなく、加えてご利用いただけます。お客様はCloudflareアカウントを作成する必要があります。また、サービスの利用についてはに従うものとします。このスタートアッププランには、アカウント管理、年中無休の企業電話サポート、サービスレベル契約、エッジサイドでのコードサポートは含まれません。