Performance and Security for Google Cloud Platform

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Cloudflare offers a comprehensive security, performance, and encryption solution for Google Cloud Platform hosted websites, applications, and APIs.

Built on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month, and provide storage for 425 million Gmail users, Google Cloud Platform is directly connected to Cloudflare’s network through their high-performance CDN interconnect, instead of the public Internet. The CDN interconnect program drastically reduces latency for origin server requests, while enabling discounted Google Cloud Platform egress pricing.

The flexibility of Google Cloud Platform coupled with the performance and security of Cloudflare is just a button-click away.

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"The reason we use Cloudflare is because the security features are excellent, the CDN (Content Delivery Network) is high performing, and it’s really convenient that these solutions are packaged together. It makes managing everything easy, and allows us to focus on our core business."

Peter Bakkum,

Platform Lead at Quizlet

Key Results

Saved 50%

on their monthly Google Cloud Network Egress Bill

76% reduction

(over 10 Tb) of daily bandwidth use.

Reduced latency by up to 47%

with Argo Smart Routing

Google Cloud Platform CDN Interconnect

Cloudflare is part of the Google Cloud Platform CDN Interconnect program. Cloudflare customers with websites, applications, and API hosted in Google Cloud Platform can benefit from reductions in bandwidth and egress pricing, while establishing faster connections between Cloudflare and Google Cloud origin server(s).

North America


Latin America
& the Caribbean



Asia Pacific

While Cloudflare’s CDN already ensures minimal latency by caching content as close to your users as possible, this collaboration optimizes connectivity between Google’s network and Cloudflare connection used for cache misses.

"Knowing that we don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks against our API and gateway servers gives us the peace of mind to focus on improving our product."

Stanislav Vishnevskiy,

CTO at Discord

Key Results


savings on annual hardware costs.


savings on Google Cloud Network Egress billing

2 million / second

spikes of websockets events while remaining performant

How Does It Work?

Cloudflare’s CDN ensures minimal latency by caching content as close to your users as possible, while taking performance improvements even further through website optimizations such as Argo Smart Routing, gzip compression, auto-minification, mobile and image optimizations, and more.

Beyond the performance gains from Cloudflare’s CDN functionality, the CDN Interconnect program directly connects 37 of Cloudflare’s data centers to Google Cloud Platform’s infrastructure. When one of these Cloudflare data centers requests content from a Google Cloud Platform origin, it’s routed through a high-performance interconnect instead of the public Internet. This dramatically reduces latency for origin requests, and it also enables discounted Google Cloud Platform egress pricing in the US, Europe, and Asia regions.

Integrate Google cloud with Cloudflare

Once the origin returns a response to Cloudflare, it benefits from all the features of the Cloudflare network. Static content is cached by our CDN, all requests can be served over HTTPS thanks to our Universal SSL offering, web content is automatically optimized, and our network protects your origin server from DDoS and SQL injection attacks.

Discounted Egress Pricing

In order to take advantage of discounted egress pricing, which is not automatically applied to your account, you’ll need to fill out this 3 question form. Once completed, Google will begin applying discounts within your next invoice period.

Ready to improve the performance and security of your Google Cloud Platform hosted website, application, or API?

Cloudflare Features

Cloudflare's Performance and Security Services work in conjunction to reduce latency of web sites, mobile applications, and APIs end-to-end, while protecting against DDoS attack, abusive bots, and data breach.


Cloudflare Performance Services improve conversions, reduce churn, and improve visitor experiences by accelerating web and mobile performance, while keeping applications available.

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    With 135 data centers across 58 countries, Cloudflare’s Anycast CDN caches static content at the edge, reducing latency by delivering assets as close as geographically possible to visitors.
  • Website Optimizations

    Cloudflare includes a suite of web optimizations to improve the performance of Internet assets. Optimizations include the latest web standards, such as HTTP/2 and TLS 1.3, as well as proprietary enhancements for images and mobile device visitors.
  • DNS

    Cloudflare is the fastest managed DNS provider in the world, routing over 38% of all global DNS traffic. Cloudflare has multiple ways to achieve maximum performance for online assets.
  • Load Balancing

    Cloudflare Load Balancing provides load balancing, geo-steering, monitoring and failover for single, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud environments, enhancing performance and availability.
  • Argo Smart Routing

    Argo Smart Routing improves Internet asset performance on average of 35% by routing visitors through the least congested and most reliable paths on Cloudflare's private network.
  • Railgun

    Railgun compresses previously uncacheable web objects up to 99.6% by leveraging techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video. This results in an average 200% additional performance increase.
  • Stream

    Cloudflare Stream makes streaming video easy by handling data storage, media encoding, content embedding and playing, regional delivery, and analytics.


Cloudflare Security Services reduce the risk of lost customers, declining revenues, and degraded brand by protecting against DDoS attacks, abusive bots, and data breach.

  • Anycast Network

    With 135 data centers across 58 countries and 15 Tbps of capacity, Cloudflare’s Anycast network absorbs distributed attack traffic by dispersing it geographically, while keeping Internet properties available and performant.

    DNSSEC is the Internet’s non-spoofable caller ID. It guarantees a web application’s traffic is safely routed to the correct servers so that a site’s visitors are not intercepted by a hidden “man-in-the-middle” attacker.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Cloudflare’s enterprise-grade web application firewall (WAF) detects and block common application layer vulnerabilities at the network edge, utilising the OWASP Top 10, application-specific and custom rulesets.
  • Rate Limiting

    Rate Limiting protects critical resources by providing fine-grained control to block or qualify visitors with suspicious request rates.
  • SSL / TLS

    Transport Security Layer (TLS) encryption enables HTTPS connections between visitors and origin server(s), preventing man-in-the-middle attacks, packet sniffing, the display of web browser trust warnings, and more.
  • Secure Registrar

    Cloudflare is an ICANN accredited registrar, protecting organizations from domain hijacking with high-touch, online and offline verification for any changes to a registrar account.
  • Orbit

    Cloudflare Orbit solves security-related issues for Internet of Things devices at the network level.
  • Warp

    Automatically secure, accelerate, route, and load balance applications and services without directly exposing them to the internet.
  • Workers

    Cloudflare Workers let developers run JavaScript Service Workers in Cloudflare's 135 data centers around the world.
  • Access

    Secure, authenticate, and monitor user access to any domain, application, or path on Cloudflare.