Fast, Global Content Delivery Network

A global CDN that lets you and your website work faster

Faster web page load times by serving content from locations closer to the user

Lower bandwidth and infrastructure costs by reducing the number of requests to origin servers

Increased agility and control over how content is cached

Built-in unmetered DDoS protection

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"We are caching 80% of our traffic on Cloudflare, and saw page load times for both desktop and mobile clients decrease on average by 50% - which was amazing!"
David O’Brien
Digital and eCommerce Manager, YPO

Reaching a global audience has its challenges

Businesses are becoming increasingly global and need to be able to support their customers in these new markets. To minimize the impact of network latency, they can choose to have their content served from regional data centers supported by their hosting provider. As user traffic increases, the cost of supporting these new markets increase due to high bandwidth and data egress from these sites. While solutions such as content delivery networks (CDNs) have helped businesses increase their global reach more cost-effectively, many of the established providers have built monolithic legacy infrastructures that are difficult to manage and are not sufficiently responsive to meet the demands of aggressively agile workflows.

"Our previous provider seems obsolete compared to Cloudflare. Deploying comparable features like Argo Smart Routing and tiered caching was significantly easier to enable, requiring zero changes to our infrastructure."
Austin Davies
Site Reliability Engineer at

A global, highly responsive cloud network

Cloudflare has built an expansive network of global data centers that cache static content closer to users. Caching frequently accessed files on Cloudflare's network reduces the distance content needs to travel to get to the user and minimizes the impact of high latency on web page load times. Cloudflare's network is API first, allowing customers to easily automate workflows with highly granular controls of how content is cached and purged. Caching content on Cloudflare's network lowers the need to source content from hosted servers or origins, and reduces bandwidth utilization costs from the origin. Customers that host their websites with any of Cloudflare’s partners will receive data transit discounts for any requests from their origins to Cloudflare's network.

Reach more global users

Cloudflare has a global network of data centers that increases your global reach. Each data center serves as a node where content can be cached. Cloudflare can also provide tiered caching capabilities that allows Tier-1 data centers to act as an origin, further reducing the need to request content from your origin.

Avoid Internet congestion and outages

Cloudflare supports over 10 million domains on the web, and intelligently routes content requests on its network to the fastest path to an origin using Argo Smart Routing. Traffic can also be load balanced across multiple origins using proximity and network latency to determine the most efficient origin that can serve dynamic content requests.

Increased bandwidth savings

Caching content on Cloudflare's network reduces the number of requests to an origin by serving static content from a Cloudflare data center, lowering bandwidth consumption from the origin. Cloudflare offers predictable bandwidth pricing, with no surge pricing when you get attacked. Customers hosting their websites with Cloudflare partners can either save or eliminate entirely data egress costs from their hosting provider to Cloudflare when dynamic content is requested.

More control over caching behavior

Cloudflare lets you apply advanced control over how content is cached on its network. Page Rules lets you specify particular behaviors across certain URLs that can determine either what gets cached, or how long content should be cached. Cloudflare’s Cache API lets customers have more control over how content is cached, and improves cache hit ratios with advanced routing and URL canonicalization.

Supports AMP Signed Exchanges

AMP pages will be delivered from Cloudflare's cache with signed exchanges. When these pages are displayed in Google's mobile search results, your site's original URL will be retained and shown to visitors accessing these pages from Google's AMP cache.

"With Cloudflare’s CDN the load time of our images improved by 2-3x and on top of that we’re saving over 50% on our monthly bandwidth usage."
Mikayel Vardanyan, CTO

Key Features

China support

Cache tags

Cache control header extensions

Web cache deception protection

ETag header support

Cross origin resource sharing (CORS) support

Customizable cache expiration periods (TTL)

Intelligent traffic routing to avoid congestion and latency

Support for MPEG-DASH and HLS video files

Tiered caching support

API programmability

Fast cache purge