Cloudflare for Teams

Stop data loss, malware and phishing with the most performant Zero Trust application access and Internet browsing solution.

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Excessive trust.

The traditional tools used to connect employees to corporate apps grant excessive trust, exposing you to potential data loss.

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Way too complex.

The corporate perimeter has become more difficult to control with complex, conflicting configurations across your VPNs, firewalls, proxies, and identity providers.

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Blind too often.

It’s never been harder to parse out logs, and make sense of how users access sensitive data.

Verify. Filter. Isolate. Inspect. On all devices you manage. Even devices you don’t.

Your employees, partners, and customers need a network that is secure, fast and reliable to get work done. Cloudflare for Teams replaces legacy security perimeters with our global edge, making the Internet faster and safer for teams around the world.

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Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust access for all of your applications.

  • Enforce consistent access controls across cloud, on-premise and SaaS applications
  • Integrate with one or more existing identity providers
  • Protect applications with identity, posture, and context-driven rules
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Secure Web Gateway

Zero Trust browsing that’s actually fast.

  • Isolate browsing activity from corporate endpoints
  • Block phishing and malware before they strike
  • Audit employee activity inside SaaS applications

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One control plane for applications, data and the Internet

Our Zero Trust security platform increases visibility, eliminates complexity, and reduces risks as employees connect to applications and the Internet. It runs on the world's fastest edge network to deploy faster and perform better than other providers.

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The Cloudflare Difference

Effective defense in depth

  • Keeps known and unknown threats on all sites faraway from all devices
  • DDoS resistant to the largest volumetric attacks
  • Threat intelligence derived from 700B+ daily DNS requests and 25M+ Internet properties on Cloudflare’s network

One serverless platform

  • Replaces 7 point products with one built from scratch; unlike others’ lift-and-shift or acquire-and-stitch approaches
  • One administrator experience for Zero Trust application access and Internet browsing
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Network scale and speed

  • All services are <100ms from 99% of Internet users
  • 200 data center strong Anycast network with 100% SLA uptime, 67 Tbps capacity, and — the world’s fastest DNS resolver
  • Verify, filter, isolate and inspect in a single pass with the fastest end user experience in the industry
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Welcome home.

Built for speed. Designed for simplicity.

While other vendors stitched together acquired technologies, we built Cloudflare for Teams from the ground up, with the user experience of administrators top-of-mind. Learn more about the product principles that guide our path.

Start now

With Cloudflare for Teams, protecting your workforce and data doesn't require any hardware, software, or complicated licensing. You can start securing your team instantly with a free account, or talk to an expert about our enterprise plan. With Teams Free, your first 50 seats are always free.

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Simpler, more effective threat defense with Cloudflare for Teams

Learn how Cloudflare for Teams provides simpler and more effective threat defense than legacy approaches.

Solution Brief: Remote work security over the long haul

Zero Trust security can provide provide secure, optimized connectivity for remote workforces.

Trusted by approximately 25,000,000 Internet properties

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