Cloudflare Network Services

Enterprise network connectivity, security, and performance — all delivered as a service
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Cloudflare delivers WAN-as-a-Service, Firewall-as-a-Service, DDoS protection, and SD-WAN in a SASE framework — helping enterprises connect, secure, and accelerate their corporate networks without the cost and complexity of legacy hardware

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Cloudflare One (SASE)

Modernize your network architecture using the SASE framework with Zero Trust security built-in.

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Magic WAN

Connect and secure your branch offices, headquarters, data centers, cloud VPCs and SD-WANs using the Cloudflare network.

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Magic Transit

Protect your networks, data centers and multi-cloud infrastructure from DDoS attacks.

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Magic Firewall

Enforce consistent network security policies across your entire WAN, without backhauling traffic or creating choke points.

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Network Interconnect

Improve network performance and security by connecting your network infrastructure directly to the Cloudflare network at over 1,600 locations.

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Argo Smart Routing

Supercharge your network performance and improve reliability using dynamic traffic intelligence from the Cloudflare network.

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Spectrum (TCP / UDP)

Protect any TCP or UDP applications against DDoS threats and improve performance.

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Magic Network Monitoring

Establish end to end network visibility, DDoS alerting, and traffic volume anomaly detection with cloud based network flow monitoring.

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Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud streamlines your network modernization

Cloudflare unifies comprehensive web security and performance services on a single, composable, cloud-native platform, making it simpler to block more attacks, improve user experiences, and boost visibility across your entire web portfolio. Our connectivity cloud offers:

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Future-proof network coverage

Cloudflare integrates with 13,000 other networks with near-infinite scalability, providing reliable connectivity from source to destination.

Global reliability

Our connectivity cloud sits within 50ms of all Internet users, and offers a 100% uptime SLA.

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Disruption-free adaptability

Every Cloudflare service can run on every server in every network location, meaning there’s no downtime or redesign needed to add new capabilities.

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Better security and reliability

Our entire connectivity cloud is cloud-native, making services easier to manage and more adaptable to threats.

Nexylan uses Cloudflare network services
to simplify critical security processes

Managed hosting provider Nexylan had to spend too much manual effort keeping their network security services up-to-date. They adopted Cloudflare’s Firewall-as-a-Service and network DDoS mitigation.

Now, their security processes are more efficient and their overall posture is stronger.

“In the past, filtering had to be done through complex access-lists across multiple network equipments. Now, it can be all managed through the Cloudflare Dashboard, fill in the form, and press validate. With less risks, more people can now manage security.”

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