What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is the cloud for the “everywhere world”

Today, everything needs to be connected to everything everywhere, all the time. This hyperconnectivity creates new challenges related to security, performance, resilience and privacy.

As the world’s first connectivity cloud, Cloudflare helps connect and protect millions of customers globally. Everyone from individuals to the world’s largest enterprises use our unified platform of networking, security, and developer services to succeed in the everywhere world.

How can you use Cloudflare?

What makes Cloudflare different?

Diagram of how Cloudflare defines the network edge

Cloudflare is built on an intelligent, secure, high-speed global network. We help businesses regain control of their technology and security environments by reducing complexity and improving visibility across their on-premises, public cloud, SaaS and public Internet domains. For individuals, we make the Internet safer, faster and more private.

Diagram of how Cloudflare defines the network edge

A global immune system for your IT environment.

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Cloudflare threat and network intelligence is built into every connection — and not tied to any one cloud provider — to help you stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. Cloudflare proxies approximately 20% of the web, and blocks an average of 209 billion threats per day. Each and every login, request, and response that goes through our network strengthens the machine learning that we apply to detect and block threats, before they ever reach your organization.

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Compliance and privacy are built-in.

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Cloudflare is built with data protection in mind. We are a privacy-first company with end-to-end encryption. We comply with local regulations for data locality and storage. We do not generate revenue from advertising, and thus default against the collection and retention of personal data we process on your behalf.

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Your own fast-lane on the Internet.

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Cloudflare’s global network is often faster than the Internet. We provide direct connections to all major cloud providers and interconnect with nearly every service provider around the world. Our data centers in over 320 cities deliver approximately 50-millisecond latency to about 95% of the Internet users in the world.

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Built for any and every organization

Cloudflare services are easy to integrate and manage, cost effective, and available from a single unified interface — helping even the largest and most specialized organizations reduce IT complexity and take back control of their environment. We also offer robust security, performance, and development services for organizations of all sizes — bringing enterprise-grade protection and speed to millions of startups, small businesses, and individual developers.

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Does your organization demand advanced tools, support, and reporting? With Cloudflare’s enterprise-tier plan, you get access to enterprise-grade security and performance, guaranteed reliability and uptime SLAs, and exclusive access to premium products, features, and 24/7/365 support.

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Cloudflare named a 2022 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice for CDN and WAAP

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