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Cloudflare CASB

Easily secure workplace tools, granularly control user access, and protect sensitive data

SaaS applications are mission critical for workforce collaboration, however they are hard to keep secure.

Cloudflare's cloud access security broker (CASB) service gives comprehensive visibility and control over SaaS apps, so you can easily prevent data leaks and compliance violations. With Zero Trust security, block insider threats, Shadow IT, risky data sharing, and bad actors.

The SaaS security conundrum

Every SaaS app is configured differently and requires a seperate security considerations. When organizations frequently adopt over 100 SaaS applications, IT teams are challenged with staying compliant and protecting sensitive data across a wide landscape.

SaaS apps operate outside of the corporate network which limits visibility/control over how employees are moving data in and out them. Improperly storing and sharing data can create large security risks, but it is tough to protect what you can't see.

Modern approach to CASB

Cloudflare places Zero Trust access (ZTNA), gateway (SWG), and browser (RBI) controls in front of your SaaS applications to operate as an inline CASB, while avoiding another configuration. To secure the data at rest, simple API integrations are wielded to continuously scan your highly used applications for vulnerabilities and potential threats.

Learn how to simplify the way you protect SaaS apps

Stop Shadow IT in its tracks

Cloudflare logs every connection and request to reveal unsanctioned SaaS applications and what actions users are taking within them. Easily build policies to block or allow access to such apps.

Tighten access to apps

Gain control over how and where users access SaaS apps. Cloudflare sits between your identity provider and your applications, enabling you to apply identity-aware, context-driven Zero Trust rules and device-specific policies to the login process.

Minimize threats with continuous scanning

Quickly rectify security concerns as they arise. Via API integrations, Cloudflare scans your SaaS applications to detect misconfigurations, exposed files, and suspicious activities. Continously analyzing data at rest helps you mitigate data exfiltration and be more compliant with security best practices.

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Secure your SaaS applications with Cloudflare's CASB service.