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Cloudflare CASB



Cloudflareのクラウドアクセスセキュリティブローカー(CASB)サービスは、SaaSアプリの包括的な可視性と制御性を提供し、データ漏えいやコンプライアンス違反を容易に防止することができます。Zero Trustセキュリティで、インサイダーの脅威、シャドーIT、高リスクのデータ共有、悪性アクターをブロックしましょう。

Comprehensive visibility and control

Use our API integrations to continuously scan SaaS applications for misconfigurations, exposed files, and suspicious activity — and remediate risks as they arise.

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Regulate access control

Apply identity-aware, context-driven Zero Trust policies to control how and where users access your applications.

Granular data protection

Apply consistent, granular DLP controls across cloud applications to block accidental or risky data sharing.

Simplified compliance

Ensure better visibility across your application portfolio to minimize data loss and meet compliance requirements — including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more.


Simplify the way you protect your SaaS applications

Cloudflare’s multimode CASB helps deliver unified cloud security for SaaS applications. To secure data at rest, simple API integrations continuously scan your applications for vulnerabilities and potential risks.

Our Zero Trust access (ZTNA), gateway (SWG), and browser isolation (RBI) controls are seamlessly deployed as an inline CASB — no additional configurations needed.

Learn how CASB works within Cloudflare’s SASE platform

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Cloudflare、2024年版『Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge(SSE)』で認定


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Cloudflare、2024年第1四半期の『Forrester Wave™:セキュリティサービスエッジソリューション』で「優秀者」に認定


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Cloudflare、2023年の『KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for SASE』で「リーダー」評価を獲得

KuppingerCole Analysts AGは2023年度のSASE市場分析で、大規模でグローバルに分散したプレゼンス、高度なトラフィック高速化、膨大なバックボーン容量、稼働率100%保証、革新的なリモートブラウザー分離など、Cloudflareの強みをいくつか挙げています。

What our customers are saying

“Today, Cloudflare helps prevent our users from sharing sensitive data and code with tools like ChatGPT and Bard, enabling us to take advantage of AI safely. Going forward, we are excited for Cloudflare’s continued innovations to protect data, and in particular, their vision and roadmap for services like DLP and CASB.”

CISO — Applied Systems

Top CASB use cases

Block shadow IT, control access to SaaS applications, and prevent risky sharing that may result in data loss or non-compliance.

Discover shadow APIs


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Control application access

Identify which SaaS, web, and private applications users are accessing — then apply data controls and identity/device-driven policies to shrink your attack surface.

Safeguard valuable IP and developer code

Prevent users from sharing sensitive data in SaaS apps, and easily detect and remediate misconfigurations that risk data exposure and code leaks.


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