Ultra low-latency live streaming

Say goodbye to time-wasting video deployment steps. Run live broadcasts with Cloudflare Stream.

  • Unified end-to-end platform: Upload, store, encode, and broadcast live video — without hiring a team of video experts.
  • No infrastructure to maintain: Stream fully manages video storage, encoding, delivery, and analytics.
  • Reduce latency and buffering: Cloudflare’s global network is your own fast lane on the Internet.
  • Cost-effective streaming: Stop paying for video ingestion, encoding, or bandwidth.

Seamlessly integrate live video

  • Frictionless: Stream automatically handles video codecs, protocols, and adaptive bitrate streaming for you.
  • Simple and serverless: Whether you're building live streams for e-learning, sports or gaming apps, or company town halls, Stream scales — without you having to manage video infrastructure.
  • Cost-effective: Pay only for minutes delivered and minutes stored — not for encoding, bandwidth, or packaging on-demand playback segments.
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Reduce glass-to-glass latency

  • Minimal latency: Low-Latency HLS HTTP Live Streaming (LL-HLS) offers glass-to-glass latency as low as three seconds.
  • Fast delivery worldwide: Stream is powered by Cloudflare’s global network, which can reach 95% of the Internet-connected population within just 50ms.
  • Reduced buffering: Adaptive bitrate encoding ensures smooth playback for all viewers, even on mobile devices or with slower connections.
  • Automatic recording: Live videos are automatically encoded and packaged at no charge.
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Create the ideal video experience

  • Interactive features: Build live reactions, chats, and Q&As into video with the Cloudflare Developer Platform.
  • Editing: Add captions in multiple languages, apply watermarks, clip videos, and more.
  • Control access: Enable private, authenticated, or time-bound access; prevent downloads as needed.
  • Analytics: Track details of viewer counts and viewing patterns to help plan your next live stream.
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Stream handles video streaming end-to-end, from ingestion through delivery.

  • For each live stream, create a unique live input via the dashboard or API.
  • Each live input has a unique Stream key to provide to the streaming creator.
  • Creators then broadcast live video to Stream over WebRTC, RTMPS, or SRT.
  • Stream encodes this live video at multiple resolutions, and delivers it to viewers using Cloudflare’s global network.
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