Cloudflare for SaaS

Delivering secure, fast, and reliable experiences to the end users of your SaaS application at global scale requires an orchestrated effort.

Cloudflare offers a suite of easy-to-use products that help SaaS providers deliver the fastest, most secure apps to market.

We also make it easy to extend your world-class Cloudflare security posture and performance to customers.

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Listen in on our episode of Cloudflare TV discussing the benefits of Cloudflare for SaaS. Learn how it gives SaaS providers more performant global web properties, a stronger security posture and instant worldwide scalability. What's more is they can extend their Cloudflare performance and security benefits to their customers. Tune in to find out how.

Improve your security posture - and extend it to your customers

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SaaS providers have a lot to worry about. Attackers are trying to intercept sensitive customer data in transit. In addition, DDoS attacks and other cyber threats can negatively impact app reliability and performance.

Cloudflare’s suite of security solutions encrypts customer data and shields applications from data breaches and other cyber abuse.

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Simplifying the way we protect SaaS applications

Unified security everywhere across the Internet, employees and networks.

The performance & reliability your customers expect

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Application sluggishness and downtime alienate customers, reduce conversions, and negatively impact search engine rankings. However, ensuring low latency and high availability is a challenge because so many variables are involved, including server health and workload, geographic distance from the server to the end user, application design, and DDoS attacks.

Cloudflare’s performance solutions help SaaS providers convert and retain more customers by delivering consistently high-performing, highly reliable apps to global user bases.

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Speed up app development & delivery with serverless

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Cloudflare Workers is a serverless JavaScript and WASM execution environment that lets developers enhance existing applications or create entirely new ones without having to configure or maintain servers or containers.

Applications built with Workers run on the Cloudflare global network. Application logic is delivered within milliseconds from your users, ensuring high availability, low-latency responsiveness, and scalability to support spikes in demand.

With Cloudflare, it is simple to build your SaaS application on Workers and extend the benefits of Cloudflare’s product suite to your end customers.

SaaS   Serverless

Save big on egress fees with the Bandwidth Alliance

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Egress fees, also known as bandwidth or data transfer fees, are a perennial pain point for SaaS providers. Often, these fees make up the largest portion of a provider’s cloud services bill.

If your app is hosted by a public cloud provider, you may be able to significantly reduce your egress fees through the Bandwidth Alliance – a group of forward-thinking cloud and networking companies that are committed to discounting or waiving data transfer fees for shared customers.

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