Bandwidth Alliance

Cloud providers partner to reduce data transfer fees

The Bandwidth Alliance is a group of forward-thinking cloud and networking companies that are committed to discounting or waiving data transfer (also known as bandwidth) fees for shared customers.

Interested in using the Bandwidth Alliance?

How much can I save with the Bandwidth Alliance?
The data transfer fees charged by many cloud providers can be an integral part of your cloud hosting bill. Since cloud providers use their own global telecommunication backbone or use transit service providers to carry traffic, they incur infrastructure costs, which they pass on to their customers as data transfer fees.
Our partners have agreed to pass on these cost savings to our joint customers by waiving or reducing data transfer charges.
To help you get a sense of the scale of your potential savings by moving to the Bandwidth Alliance, we have put together a calculator.
Fill in your details on storage and egress to figure out how much you could be saving.

This egress savings calculator is for informational purposes only. Prices are limited to the public egress transfer bandwidth fees as of March 6, 2020, and do not include taxes and any other fees such as storage fees. Egress transfer fee discount or waiver may require registration with the hosting provider and does not apply to data transfer originating from mainland China. The fees for the data transfer from your cloud provider to Cloudflare are determined and billed solely by your cloud provider. Cloudflare is not responsible for any fees your cloud provider charges you.

Google Cloud is not part of the Bandwidth Alliance. Reduced egress price for Google Cloud is through the CDN Interconnect program. Google Cloud price is based on intra-region CDN Interconnect traffic using egress rates published on
Amazon S3 price is based on the price for the data transfer out from Amazon S3 to Internet as published on

Lower costs

Customers can expect reduced bandwidth costs since data transfer from the cloud provider to Cloudflare is discounted. Cloudflare provides predictable bandwidth pricing for all of our plans.


Customers can choose from multiple cloud providers without the need to factor in bandwidth costs into their choice of host.

Global network

Customers benefit from Cloudflare’s network spanning 250 cities in 100 countries. The network peers at 200+ Internet exchange points, making it one of the most peered global networks.