Bandwidth Alliance

Cloud providers partner to reduce data transfer fees

The Bandwidth Alliance is a group of forward-thinking cloud and networking companies that are committed to discounting or waiving data transfer (also known as bandwidth) fees for shared customers.

Interested in using the Bandwidth Alliance?

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Our Partners

Our partners have all committed to discounting their customers' data transfer fees. Click on each partner to learn more about their offer details, including an estimate of when you will begin to see savings. Most partners' systems are live today while some are planning to go live in the near future.

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Lower costs

Customers can expect reduced bandwidth costs since data transfer from the cloud provider to Cloudflare is discounted. Cloudflare provides predictable bandwidth pricing for all of our plans.


Customers can choose from multiple cloud providers without the need to factor in bandwidth costs into their choice of host.

Global network

Customers benefit from Cloudflare’s network spanning 285 cities in 100 countries. The network peers at 200+ Internet exchange points, making it one of the most peered global networks.

"The reason we use Cloudflare is because the security features are excellent, the CDN (Content Delivery Network) is high performing, and it’s really convenient that these solutions are packaged together. That, combined with the discounted data transfer from Google Cloud, makes managing everything easy and allows us to focus on our core business."
Andrew Sutherland
Founder and CTO, Quizlet