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Protect your sensitive data with Cloudflare

Improve visibility and simplify protection with unified security services

Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud helps you regain visibility and control over sensitive data across web, SaaS, private applications, and even AI tools and codebases.
Simplified management

Unify data visibility and controls on one platform and network. Flexible options to send traffic for enforcement, and many practical ways to deploy.

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Frictionless UX

Fast, reliable, and consistent enforcement of data controls thanks to single-pass inspection across our global network.

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Built to innovate with your evolving needs

Our composable services work seamlessly together, so your business can add new protections and adapt to new risks with agility.


Data protection powered by a global platform and network

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Cloudflare converges visibility and controls across DLP, CASB, ZTNA, SWG, RBI, and email security services onto a single platform for simpler management.
  • Scan for and remediate misconfigured public repositories like GitHub that risk code leaks. Detect source code in up/downloads and apply controls.
  • Scan SaaS apps for suspicious activity, misconfigurations, and sensitive data. Take prescriptive steps to remediate risks via SWG policies.
  • Scan for sensitive data in traffic and files, and configure block policies with DLP. Discover and manage Shadow IT. Secure access to data in apps with ZTNA.
  • Prevent users from copy/pasting/inputting sensitive data into AI tools like ChatGPT.
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Applied Systems uses Cloudflare to protect sensitive data in Gen AI tools

Applied Systems wanted to experiment with generative AI, but were concerned about employees feeding sensitive data into an AI tool.

They use Cloudflare’s Remote Browser Isolation to monitor and control how users manipulate data in AI — including restricting download, upload, and copy/paste. Now, the company has found a strong balance between security and innovation.

"Over the past few years, Cloudflare has helped us consolidate security controls across our users, applications, and networks...Going forward, we are excited for Cloudflare’s continued innovations to protect data, and in particular, their vision and roadmap for services like DLP and CASB.”

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Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud simplifies and streamlines data visibility and protection

Cloudflare’s unified platform of cloud-native security and connectivity services is the ideal foundation for data protection:

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Composable architecture

Meet any use case with full API programmability and location-customizable logging, routing, caching, and decryption

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Preserve user experiences with single-pass inspection and a network that’s 50 ms from 95 of Internet users

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Threat intelligence

Block more threats — known and unknown — with intelligence gleaned from blocking 209 billion daily threats

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Unified interface

Reduce tool sprawl and alert fatigue by uniting hybrid work security services in one UI