Application performance monitoring

Identify and solve the root causes of performance disruptions with application performance monitoring.

Application performance monitoring uses a combination of telemetry data and software to determine the root causes of slow performance and service disruptions. Application performance monitoring helps ensure users have a positive experience every time they use an app, resulting in more traffic and higher conversion rates.

What is application performance monitoring?

Speed gauge illustrating site performance acceleration

Application performance is only increasing in importance. Study after study demonstrates the importance of loading speed for user engagement, and website performance has become a huge factor for SEO as well. But complex infrastructure and the range of users for modern applications across multiple devices and in a variety of locations make it difficult to identify and fix the root causes of application challenges, or even to understand the actual end user experience.

Application performance monitoring tools provide visibility into how an application is actually performing from the user perspective, along with analyzing the infrastructure powering the application.

Speed gauge illustrating site performance acceleration

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