SSL for SaaS

Protect customers’ data with strong encryption

Protecting customer data is not only a security best practice but also what your customers and auditors expect.

Cloudflare partners with SaaS Providers to make encryption easy so your customers will have more confidence than ever in your service, knowing their data is safe.

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Cloudflare has been leading the way when it comes to SSL technology.
Kerry Munz
Director of Engineering – Platform Infrastructure

What's New with SSL for SaaS

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Apex Proxy Flexibility

Allow your customers to proxy their apex to your application, regardless of their DNS provider. Either bring your own IP or we’ll supply a set for your end customer, so they can point to your application with an A record.

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Bring your own IP

Bring your own IP range to announce at Cloudflare’s edge. With BYOIP + SSL for SaaS solution you are able to manage the IP assignments of your customers.


Custom SSL Certification Support

Upload your customer’s certificate whenever necessary. For your security-conscious customers, we offer CSR support, meaning their private keys stay on Cloudflare, while they use the CA of their choice.

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Wildcard Custom Hostnames

Extend encryption, performance, and security to any customer subdomain with wildcard custom hostnames.

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Custom Origins

Route customers to your origin of choice as your company scales.


Customizable Domain Configurations

Add specific rules to customer domains for maximum customization.

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Bei der Erfüllung von SSL-Anforderungen von Endkunden gibt es für SaaS-Provider drei Szenarien:

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Unverschlüsselte aber markenbezogene Vanity-Domain

Bei Vanity-Domains von Kunden ohne SSL fehlen die Performance-Vorteile von SSL und die sichere Datenübertragung. Dadurch werden die Domains anfälliger für die Ausspähung oder Veränderung von Inhalten, bevor diese Inhalte die Besucher erreichen.

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Verschlüsselte aber nicht markenbezogene Domain

Domains, bei denen SSL von einem SaaS-Provider aktiviert wurde, verfügen nicht über eine individuelle Vanity-Domain. Dadurch wird die Marke abgewertet und die SEO-Rankings verschlechtern sich.

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Komplexer interner Ansatz

SaaS-Provider, die verschlüsselte markenbezogene Vanity-Domains verwenden möchten, können die SSL-Lebenszyklen entweder manuell verwalten – was zu langen Bereitstellungszeiten und zusätzlichen Betriebskosten führt – oder eine komplexe automatisierte Lösung aufbauen.

Benefits of SSL for SaaS

Branded visitor experiences

Branded visitor experiences

You can offer branded domains to your customers, all while enjoying the added benefits of a fully managed SSL certificate. Branded domains offer end customers higher SEO rankings and improved visitor trust.

Secure and performant customer assets

Secure and performant customer assets

With SSL/TLS certificates, protect your end customers’ domains from on-path attackers and network snooping. Additionally, the HTTP/2 protocol becomes available for even greater speed improvements.

Automated SSL lifecycle management

Automated SSL lifecycle management

You don’t have to worry about any part of the SSL lifecycle. Cloudflare manages the entire process, from private key creation and protection through domain validation, issuance, renewal, and reissuance.

Rapid global SSL deployments

Rapid global SSL deployments

During the SSL issuance process, Cloudflare deploys new certificates across its global network of data centers in 200 cities, bringing HTTPS online within minutes.

With SSL for SaaS we have implemented a simpler flow because Cloudflare’s API handles the provisioning, serving, automated renewal and maintenance of our customers’ SSL certificates. Plus, end-to-end HTTPS now means we have bolstered privacy and performance for our customers, and can leverage browser features, like Local Storage, that we couldn’t use before.
Andrew Murray
CTO of Olo