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SSL for SaaS

Protect customers’ data with strong encryption

Protecting customer data is not only a security best practice but also what your customers and auditors expect.

Cloudflare partners with SaaS Providers to make encryption easy so your customers will have more confidence than ever in your service, knowing their data is safe.

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Common problems for SaaS Providers when addressing SSL end customer needs:

Unencrypted but branded vanity domain

Custom vanity domains without SSL lack the performance benefits of SSL and secure data transfer, making them vulnerable to snooping and content modification or injection.

Encrypted but unbranded domain

Domains with SSL enabled through a SaaS provider lack a custom vanity domain, resulting in brand degradation and lower SEO rankings.

Encrypted and branded domain

Providing encrypted and branded domains often means manually managing SSL lifecycles — resulting in long deployment times and overhead costs — or building a complex and automated in-house solution