Ivanti focuses on enabling organizations to gain control of service delivery, simplify service management processes, acquire real-time visibility across their services and infrastructure, and orchestrate the interactions of people, process, and technology for optimum service performance.

Ivanti’s Challenges: Speed, Protection and Customization

“The initial goals that led us to Cloudflare could be grouped in three categories,” Andrew Ariotti, Senior Web Marketing Manager at Ivanti explained. “1. Optimizing page load times of our marketing site and related web assets, 2. Protecting our web assets from potential DDoS attacks, and 3. Custom reverse proxy rules to allow routing traffic to different origin servers.”

“Before we fully implemented Cloudflare,” Ariotti continued, “we were rendering a new static site in a nightly process in order to ensure fast response times for our users. While this approach did indeed result in very fast load times, it had major drawbacks: It constrained our ability to serve dynamic content, the deployment process was slow and error prone, and it did nothing to address our security needs.”

Ivanti’s Solution: The Fastest, Most Secure Network

Ivanti came into existence from a merger of several companies, which meant relying on a complex infrastructure fulfilled by disparate vendors. “Before Cloudflare, different parts of our organization were relying on a patchwork of providers to address their respective needs,” Ariotti noted. “We chose Cloudflare because it offered a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that checked all of our boxes.”

Ivanti now uses Cloudflare for DNS, Content Delivery, Web Optimization, and Security. “Having Cloudflare serve as a reverse proxy with POPs all around the world greatly enhances the robustness, performance and security of our web assets,” Ariotti remarked. By utilizing a breadth of Cloudflare’s services Ivanti is able to make their website faster and more secure. As a business, a faster site means a better user experience, making users more likely to use the product again or refer it to others.

Today, Ivanti uses Cloudflare’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) and Rate Limiting to protect their site and keep it up and running for their users. Cloudflare’s WAF leverages threat intelligence from millions of Internet properties on the network, ensuring Ivanti is protected from the latest known vulnerabilities and attacks. Additionally, Ariotti articulated “We are using Rate limiting currently to prevent a flood of requests that would result in 4xx or 5xx responses, which would allow an attacker to bypass the cache and potentially overwhelm the origin servers knocking our site offline.” As a security software company, Ivanti knows the importance of keeping customer data safe and keeping Internet assets protected. Ariotti explained that “We sell security software, so we know how important a business's reputation is in the security business. Cloudflare takes care of our site security helping keep up our reputation and allowing us to be more productive by focussing our resources on our core business.”

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Cloudflare magnifies our global reach while relieving the load on our servers.

Andrew Ariotti
Senior Web Marketing Manager