Bandwidth Alliance | PACKET

"Packet is excited to partner with Cloudflare and offer free egress to all shared customers starting today. and Backblaze, another Bandwidth Alliance member, both have zero egress fees between their networks allowing customers to use Packet compute, Backblaze storage and Cloudflare’s global performance and security network."
Ihab Tarazi


Alongside Cloudflare, Packet shares a deep and foundational commitment to building a better internet. It’s a mission statement, not a marketing tagline, which inspires us to do our best work each day, and is a reflection of the fact that the internet is both collaborative and ever-changing. We are excited and humbled to have a role in shaping it.

The Bandwidth Alliance is a practical - and yet impactful - way that companies like ours can come together to not only reduce friction around pricing, but make the internet more scalable and resilient. Smarter. Faster. Better, shall we say?

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

Packet will offer free data transfer pricing to all customers, starting today.


Packet is the leading bare metal automation platform for developers. Its proprietary technology automates physical servers and networks without the use of virtualization or multi-tenancy, powering over 60k deploys each month across nearly two dozen global datacenters, as well as dozens of private and on-premise locations.

Founded in 2014, Packet helps leading enterprises, SaaS companies, and software innovators make infrastructure their competitive advantage by empowering developers to deploy physical infrastructure at global scale.