Azure Routing Preference

Enjoy lower data transfer costs with Microsoft Azure Routing Preference and the Bandwidth Alliance

Cloudflare customers can choose Microsoft Azure with a lower cost data transfer solution via the Microsoft Routing Preference service. Mutual customers can benefit from lower data transfer costs and predictable performance across our interconnected networks.

Partnership Overview

Save on reduced egress fees and gain additional choices and flexibility to support your multi-cloud infrastructure with Microsoft Azure and Cloudflare. Traffic delivered to users via Cloudflare is carried privately and securely between Cloudflare’s and Azure’s network via private interconnections, internet exchanges with private peering, and over 108 public peering links.

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Microsoft Azure Data Transfer Routing Preference

Learn how Cloudflare customers use Microsoft Azure Data Transfer Routing Preference to enjoy lower data transfer costs.

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Solution & Product Guides

Configure Network Routing Preference

Learn to configure network routing preferences and route-specific endpoints for your Azure storage account.

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Read about bandwidth pricing for data transferred out of Azure data centers.

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