Microsoft + Cloudflare

Enabling a more secure and private cloud

Cloudflare partners with Microsoft to provide mutual customers an improved Internet experience in two key areas.

  1. Secure web applications
  2. Safeguard employees with identity and device protections

Microsoft Entra ID diagram

Secure web applications

  • Microsoft and Cloudflare's applications integrations help secure customers' web applications and enable a multi-cloud deployment. From routing preferences to analytics, these integrations help make customer implementations simple, operationally efficient, and adaptive.

Safeguard employees with identity and device protections

  • Cloudflare built deep integrations with Microsoft to help organizations take the next step in their Zero Trust journey. These integrations empower organizations to make customer implementations operationally efficient while delivering a seamless user experience and scaling operations.
Microsoft Entra ID diagram

Application Services Integrations

Microsoft Entra ID - Application Services  diagram

Azure Routing Preference — Lower data transfer costs make a multi-cloud setup easy and affordable, enabling you to choose from industry-leading cloud services.

Microsoft Entra ID B2C — Manage access to your business-to-consumer (B2C) applications and protect web-facing applications from sophisticated attack vectors.

Azure Sentinel — Integrate Cloudflare logs with Azure for greater visualization, analytics, threat hunting, and security response capabilities.

Microsoft Entra ID - Application Services  diagram

Zero Trust Services Integrations

Diagram of Microsoft integrations with Cloudflare

Microsoft Entra ID — Leverage powerful authentication tools, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), conditional access policies, and risk-based controls.

Zero Trust for Azure Apps — Enable secure access to on-premise applications or Azure-hosted applications — no VPN required.

Microsoft Intune — Evaluate client posture at the time of sign-in, allowing Cloudflare to allow or deny access based on security or device posture signals.

Microsoft 365 — Deliver a faster and more secure user experience by optimizing user connectivity to Microsoft 365 via Cloudflare and the Microsoft Networking Partner Program.

Diagram of Microsoft integrations with Cloudflare

Network Peerings

Microsoft and Cloudflare operate on a tightly interconnected network, with 7 Private Network Interconnects (PNI) and 110+ public peerings.

If you're interested in learning more about our partner integrations with Microsoft, please get in touch.

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