Fortify your website and API security

Protect websites & applications

Websites and applications keep the world connected — keep them protected with Cloudflare. Cloudflare was named "Customer's Choice" for Global CDN¹ by 2022 Gartner Peer Insights.

Why choose cloudflare?

Gain a modern web & app security posture

Cloudflare application security, managed from a single console, is delivered from our global edge network across 275+ cities.

Deploy global rules in just seconds

Threats move fast, but so does Cloudflare. Exploit protections are fast so customers can patch their infrastructure quickly.

Get incredible performance, reliability, and scalability

Optimize image files, compress dynamic content, route requests to the least congested path, and much more.

Secure websites & APIs

Get a secure API gateway with our massive global network utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Gateway

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Mitigate DDoS attacks

Protect against DDoS attacks of any size and kind with multi-level security utilizing:

  • Cloudflare DDoS

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Stop malicious bot abuse

Manage good / bad bots — stop bad bots with threat intelligence at scale utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Bot Management

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Augment security with threat intelligence

Threat intelligence and operations that bolsters security postures and SOC effectiveness utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Threat Intelligence

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Cloudflare enables Mindbody to deliver a smooth, secure online experience with a powerful security solution.

Blocking cyber threats with an easy-to-use, powerful security architecture

Consumers expect a secure, seamless experience, but this can be compromised by cyberattacks that cause account lockouts and potentially leverage compromised credentials.

After a thorough evaluation, Mindbody decided to partner with Cloudflare to implement a solution that seamlessly protects both its on-prem and cloud-based assets. This shift replaced seven standalone products with one integrated, user-friendly Cloudflare solution that dramatically reduced Mindbody’s exposure to these automated attacks.

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“With Cloudflare, our security blocks have dropped by about 95%, which is a huge improvement.

We’ve mitigated bot scraping and improved the customer experience.”

Eric Pierce • Senior Manager, Cyber Security

LendingTree & Cloudflare

Learn how Cloudflare helped LendingTree save over $250,000 in just 5 months and reduced Bot attacks by over 70%.

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Mindbody & Cloudflare

Learn how Mindbody replaced seven standalone products with one integrated, user-friendly Cloudflare solution.

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SCAYLE & Cloudflare

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