Boost your online experiences

Improve web & app performance

Cache static content, compress dynamic content, route requests to less congested paths, and more with Cloudflare.


Set up in 5 minutes

The easy-to-use dashboard enables quick configuration of fine-grained functionalities to improve the performance of complex applications.

Reduce latency on global scale

Cloudflare’s global Anycast network spans 275 cities in 100 countries, reducing latency and time to first byte by delivering content closest to visitors.

Ensure app availability

Cloudflare monitors network latency and server health at the origin, identifying the best resource from which to serve user requests for dynamic content.

Accelerate internet applications

Cache static content on Cloudflare's network, optimize image files, compress dynamic content, route requests to the least congested path, and much more utilizing:

  • Cloudflare CDN

  • Cloudflare DNS

  • Argo Smart Routing

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Ensure app availability

Improve your app availability with a scalable infrastructure backbone that prevents downtime and unavailability utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Availability

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Optimize web experience

Deliver fast web experiences with image optimization, dynamic content compression, requests routing to the least congested path, and much more utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Browser Insights

  • Cloudflare Image Optimization

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Video streaming on-demand

Stream video instantly — upload, store, encode and deliver live and on-demand video with one API utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Stream

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Visitors in China

Give your users in China a fast, secure online experience with a global network that offers DDoS mitigation, web application firewall (WAF), and more utilizing:

  • Cloudflare China Network

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Cloudflare enables secure worldwide shopping for Shopyy's ecommerce customers with global CDN

Accelerating website access for European and American users with Cloudflare global network

Nearly 80% of SHOPYY’s user base is made up of European and American consumers. Before partnering with Cloudflare, SHOPYY used a local CDN, but it had poor performance and availability.

SHOPYY decided to migrate to Cloudflare’s global cloud network. From there parsing, connection, and download times significantly improved regardless of user location. Total loading time saw a 72% improvement. For Los Angeles, California —a highly trafficked area — SHOPYY saw page load times reduce from 272ms, to 16ms - an improvement of 94%.

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“Cloudflare has created a dedicated security defense system for us, significantly making SHOPYY more secure and giving peace of mind to all our users.”

Yuanming Chen • Founder & CTO

The Cloudflare China Network

Deliver a secure, fast-performing, and reliable online experience to audiences in China, regardless of local networking and security challenges.

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Optimizing images on the web

Learn how Cloudflare optimizes your content for faster page loads, to ensure your users have a superior customer experience.

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Scale your startup with Cloudflare

Startup leaders have enough on their plates without worrying about potential cyber attacks or outages. Cloudflare helps stay online so you can focus on growing your company.

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