Artificial Intelligence Partnerships

Groundbreaking Generative AI Companies Rely on Cloudflare

Cloudflare R2 Storage, the distributed object storage that eliminates egress costs, provides essential infrastructure for leading generative artificial intelligence (AI) companies. These partnerships help AI infrastructure companies avoid vendor lock-in and make training generative AI models accessible and affordable.


Generative AI relies on powerful GPUs for efficient parallel processing. Cloudflare Workers AI lets users deploy machine learning models on serverless GPUs within Cloudflare’s global network. As Generative AI startups training AI models face compute capacity shortages from cloud providers, Cloudflare introduces flexibility by using R2 as an object store for training data. This allows customers to choose the best GPU cloud provider based on capacity, cost, and performance without data transfer fees.

Our Partners

Cloudflare partners with leading companies in the generative AI and ML ecosystem, including those offering popular foundation models, integrating with R2 object storage for data sets used in training, Vectorize for vector embeddings and AI Gateway for caching, rate limiting, and analytics. These partnerships ensure that the customers have the ability to easily build and deploy AI applications using their tools of choice in the simplest and cost efficient manner.

Our Customers

AI companies like,,, and rely on Cloudflare to provide the tools needed to serve up real-time inferences, images, conversations, and more with users around the world.

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