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Groundbreaking Generative AI Companies Rely on Cloudflare

Cloudflare R2 Storage, the distributed object storage that eliminates egress costs, provides essential infrastructure for leading generative artificial intelligence (AI) companies. These partnerships help AI infrastructure companies avoid vendor lock-in and make training generative AI models accessible and affordable.


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Generative AI requires massive amounts of computing power and relies on graphics processing units (GPUs) to quickly and efficiently process enormous amounts of data to train the large language models (LLMs) that are at the core of their offerings. With the sudden acceleration of generative AI companies coming on the market, these companies are now facing a scarcity of processing power from their cloud providers.

In addition, as new GPU chips optimized for AI workloads are released, AI startups want the flexibility to use the best technology available and not be locked into a single ecosystem. Cloudflare R2 Storage solves both these challenges by providing zero-cost egress – making it simple to migrate large volumes of data across clouds and easily use best-in-class technology.

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Our Partners

Cloudflare supports generative AI companies using R2 Storage as part of the infrastructure for their training models. These partnerships ensure that the innovation around AI-specialized and distributed GPUs works the way it was intended, eliminating vendor lock-in and making training generative AI models accessible and affordable.

Our Customers

AI companies like,,, and rely on Cloudflare to provide the tools needed to serve up real-time inferences, images, conversations, and more with users around the world.

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